Divergent Interests: Metal:Ceramic: Wood


This new interest is the stuff of daydreams. I have zero skill with jewelry making and the investment in real silver smithing or wood carving tools is too much to contemplate. But, Pinboards are for dreamers.

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 4.48.32 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 4.52.11 PM

And wishlists and library books, too. Lots of reading up on the subject, and filling fantasy shopping carts. But a realistic acknowledgement of my abilities (and budget and time and space and spreading my DIY interests too thin) is checking my “Buy Now” trigger finger.

Any secret talents among my readership? Jewelry makers? Wood carver? Sculptor?


15 thoughts on “Divergent Interests: Metal:Ceramic: Wood

  1. Love the look of woos and metal mixed together. My husband is a woodworker. I took a silversmithing class last fall and am now taking a lost wax casting class (I suffer form crafting ADD – you can see some pictures of my efforts here: http://stitchparade.com/tag/silversmithing-2/). I’m hoping he’ll be able to make some wooden cabochons or other such thing I can incorporate into my jewellery adventures. That wooden bangle you’ve got pinned there is awesome.

    • That’s so awesome!! I love what you made! The lost wax carving class sounds amazing. I’d love to just sit and watch how the pieces all come together. And I might have lost a finger if I had access to woodworking tools! I’ve loved DIY for a long time and still harbor strong feelings This Old House and making a bench, one day.

  2. Longtime lurker here! Really, you don’t need to invest in major equipment- maybe start with wirework, or even just linking components that you like together- don’t let it intimidate you! 🙂 I dabble in a ton of different stuff, including woodwork and jewelry-making, and I didn’t start with a huge arsenal of tools- just a coupla kinds of pliers, a wirecutter, a cheap saw…you build as you go. My first jewelry-making studio was literally just the top of a desk and a couple of shoeboxes. (I have a MUCH better setup now, but it took me a decade plus to get there! LOL) Pinboards are a great way to start- you can always take on a new skill later on, and dream your way up to it, piece by piece.

  3. These are so cool! I love the idea of making jewelry, although I’m reticent to pick up another hobby. But if you ever want to take a jewelry class at FIT, let me know– I could DEFINITELY be talked into it! 😉

  4. These are some great pins… LOVE the wood bracelet. I get the desire to give jewellery making a try but I’m also a big fan of mixed media jewellery (wood and metal, leather and wood, leather and metal, etc), which means lots of different tools, lots of learning and a big investment in both. Not to mention the materials. So in the mean time, I’ll keep pinning and dreaming as well!

  5. I really love wood jewelry. The only class I did not take in college was metals & jewelry. Wish I had. I try to some beading jewelry making but I think my figures are not small enough.

      • I was close to taking the class but then one night while in either ceramic or photography class the metal & jewelry teacher mentioned how she just got back from the hospital for slicing her finger. So I was good after that. lol.
        I would say “TAKE ALL THE CLASSES”

  6. Hello,

    I make some wood and silver jewels. All started when I was between 6 and 8. My grandfather was both cabinetmaker or inlayer, I was playing with wood offcuts. And then I remembered it months ago. My husband offered me a multitool, I made some Internet searches to find out the raw materials I wish to work with.

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