Gift All The Things!!!

Hey!! I don’t have holiday spirit . I’m a Festivus girl! Bring on the grievances and the pole!! In fact, I can be a bit of a Grinch. He was, and IS, my favorite Dr. Seuss character. He was prickly, unpleasant and enjoyed taking roast beast from babies. BUT, he also learned that he had a great capacity for love and seeing others happy. I love seeing my kids (well, the younger three. The big girl is a near teenager who has the classic inability to get really excited by gifts) GET HAPPY when they open a package! This is the part of the season I can get with!!


Get Happy Gift Guide
Friends this list includes gifts small and gifts big! Gifts crafty and gifts green! Gifts thoughtful and gifts silly!

For the Green Gal or Gent:
Olivia Cleans Green’s first ebook!


For the philanthropic types:
Make a donation to the Heifer Foundation on someone’s behalf!


For those people (foodies, sewcialists, Do-it-Yourselfers) who have EVERYTHING:
Coursehorse Giftcards!


For the book lovah or librarian in your life:
Something special via Etsy!
il_570xN.519636713_1v5himage from: Riverway Studios

For the art enthusiast:
Frida Kahlo Art Tattoos!!
516D3KDHHYL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I’m not sure what we’ll be getting the kids this year. I’m torn between getting them something they’d really love (like more toys to clutter the damn floor) or something *gasp* educational (they actually love learning games/toys) or something fun, that they’d love but would drive me crazy (anything, anything at all, that makes noise).

Wish all of us parents luck!! And buy SILENT toys!

Happy Festivus!!



6 thoughts on “Gift All The Things!!!

  1. I decided against clutter this year. I bought my husband and 10 yo daughter only 1 shared present. A hotel reservation and 2 tickets to see Justin Timberlake in January.

  2. Ahahahaha– gifts that don’t make noise! That reminds me of the time my uncle gave me a drum/xylophone combo instrument toy, almost DEFINITELY just to annoy my dad. 😉

    Happy Festivus! 😉

  3. I always thought if I had kids I would do that thing where you give them something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. Plus or including a gift from Santa. Keep the prezzie craziness to a minimum (but I have to say, my brothers and I still talk about the year after my parents got divorced where they both went INSANE and spent uncharacteristic amounts of money on us and we had the best Christmas ever.)

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