Feeling All Grateful

Hey, all!!

I experienced a bit of a setback on Wednesday when I woke up feeling ill. I only got worse once I arrived at work. Let’s just say….I’ve totally accomplished puking in front of my coworkers so I can keep one space cleared on the ole goals list. 😦

Anyway, I rallied and stayed the rest of the day and after a long nap and two pain killers for my headache when I got home, I felt good as new and able to get started on my fall feast dishes. We did things small, as I had to work on Friday, too. But, we ate well and all felt happy. That’s the whole point, right?

Annnndddd…to ensure that a good time was had, by me at least, I ordered some patterns!! Never mind that  I am  was on a diet.
Look at what I got!



& Bellatrix  Bellatrix2side_large  From

Robe et Blouse VIVIANE


& Gilbert SONY DSCBut, I’m most excited about this one from

logo-1The Honeycrisp Mittens!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 1.13.29 PM

Dudes, I’m excited about all of my new patterns, but those mittens? I have THEE coldest hands in the world! I have yet to find gloves that keep them warm in winter. I am so stupid excited to make some that will do the job AND have the ability to use my phone without taking them off! Mari is a genius!! I’m just waiting on my conductive fabric. While I fight the urge to order 20% discounted fabric from Mood!

I hope all of you had a great, love filled weekend.

I’ll be spending these last moments of mine with my loves, some yummy Britex fabric and Built By Wendy.


7 thoughts on “Feeling All Grateful

  1. Oh no, I’m so sorry you got sick! 😦 That is terrible! But looks like you had some pretty good retail therapy to help make you feel better. 🙂 Please tell me the first pattern is for the shorts…you will rock those!

  2. Man, I hope you’re feeling better! I love your pattern choices! I just dug out the Coppelia pattern– I’m planning to make it for my sister. It’s so cute! What kind of fabric are you planning to use?

  3. I’d love to know what you’re making from Home Stretch! I’ve owned it for years but never made anything, I think because there are no photos and that makes me wary.
    I hope you feel better!

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