Put a Turban on It

I just came across this cute little video over on the Britex blog.

I think the narrator has got the right idea. Spending money is DEAD easy! Lol

I’m trying to get into a groove with my last big spender purchase, my Singer 360 knitting machine, and I keep hitting a wall. It stalled my progress, and will to work with it, until one of the coolest ladies on the interwebs sent me a box of wool-y love.
Which, of course, made me want to leap right back in the saddle!! And I did.

BUT the same damn thing happened again!! Whenever I swatch or just play around to get the feel of the machine, I’m fine. As soon as I approach the thing with calculations for a project DISASTER!!! It is so fucking frustrating!! As is realizing that more accessories are needed to really do the damn thing the right way. Namely a swift and ball winder. And a blocking board. And a table that is not my sewing table to mount the machine on.

That all will have to wait a while. As there are more class party and fall feast cakes to bake. I also promised my little son a turkey, his brother all the fried chicken he could eat and the girls dance classes. The life of a parent. I embrace it 😉 I’ll find my knitting groove in time.

Until then, I vow to get right back at it…

First thing tomorrow.

Now, I’m going to sleep off too much interaction with too many 1st graders and massive amounts of chocolate cake.

What are you doing this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Put a Turban on It

  1. Compared with hand knitting, I’ve found that machine knitting is like comparing garment sewing with crewel embroidery. They are different processes that require their own kind of mastery. If you can make that leap, I will come and shake your (very talented) hand.

  2. Man, mastering the knitting machine sounds HARD, but if anyone can do it, it’s you! I’m continually amazed by your ability and your drive to try new things, especially considering your full house and loads of responsibilities! Amazing!

    As for my weekend, I just finished sewing possibly the ugliest garment I’ve ever made (gonna let it steep for a bit before I make a final judgment), so now I’m off to grab a fancy coffee as a bribe to myself to start doing patternmaking homework, which will probably take allllllllll day. Ugh!

  3. That video was fun to watch – the last lady was rather snooty! Heheh.

    Good luck with the knitting machine! So exciting that you have one. I’m sure when you finally get all the things you need, you’ll be making some fabulous things!

  4. Hope your Thanksgiving was fun! 🙂

    Re machine knitting: There’s a real learning curve as you know by now! I always found it helpful at the beginning to pick just one skill that you want to feel comfortable with and make a project out of that one skill — perhaps a scarf or a simple shell. The repetition will solidify the new skill, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the process.

    If you’re going to invest in a ball winder, you may as well invest in a cone winder instead. It’s sooo much easier knitting from coned yarn than a yarn cake. Also ounce for ounce, yarn on cones is less expensive than yarn in skeins. If you’re buying retail yarn, try yarn.com (Webs) and search for “coned yarn”.

    You’re off to a fantastic start with your machine knitting!! Just remember to take it one step at a time and enjoy the process. 😀

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