The Hollywood Vest

For this, my second Britex project, I got to work with one of my FAVORITE fabrics (again!!):


The Hollywood Vest
After using that scrumptious plaid for my last project, The Woodland Stroll Cape, I wanted to KISS (keep it simple, Seamstress!!) the next effort. When keeping it simple, you need to start with the best quality materials. This incredibly soft, drape-y, lush crème colored wool more than answered. It’s highly textured on one side, smooth on the other and when combined with By Hand London’s Victoria Blazer pattern you have the main ingredients to create your own version of the perfect, Monroe inspired:

Hollywood Vest!
MarilynThere will never be another Marilyn. BUT! With a few (VERY few) pattern tweaks, you (WE!) can have her vest!
The Hollywood Vest

It took one muslin.

muslins(left: seam allowance turned under. right: an additional 5/8 inch turned under)

And two sets of pattern mods.


And BOOM!! Here she is!
The Hollywood Vest

The Hollywood Vest

For deets on how I did it, visit Britex!!!

PS: Thanks to hubby for these pics (more here)!!

This was the project that had all the blurry photos. The second photo shoot was a tiny bit stressful because I was WRONG about my deadline (missed it) and unsure how the second crop of pics would. If any of you have the goods, please share your tips on maintaining image resolution when resizing pics!

The Hollywood Vest


28 thoughts on “The Hollywood Vest

  1. This vest is rad. I love it paired with that skirt, too!
    So … I’m actually moving to your hood this winter. Pretty please please hold my hand and take me to all your favorite fabric places? xo!

  2. Nice vest!
    Now for the boring bit – if you’re re-sizing pictures in photoshop, when selecting image size you should be able to determine the resolution, and keep that a constant when downsizing the image cm or pixel-wise. It’s as simple as a tick box to ‘constrain proportions’. Although you may not be using photoshop…

    • PERFECT copy!! beautiful as always.

      i’ll reply here since mine’s a photoshop tip, too– after following craftylittlebugger’s advice, when you’re ready to save, choose “save for web & dveices”, and save as a PNG 24 (not the other PNG, which i think is 8). before saving, you can compare the original image to jpeg, png, etc. there’s a huge difference!

      this is just a little tip from a tech friend of mine…i’d love to know more about resolution too.

    • Thanks, doll!! This fabric has your name ALL OVER IT!! It’s so seriously lux!! Would be perfect for those power pants and a great match for the skirt you just made.

  3. This is AHmazing!! Love this gorgeous white wool – so luscious! And something tells me this vest will look just as awesome with layers as it does on it’s own – love a good hardworking garment! P.S. I think your pattern hack just might be more stylish than Marilyn’s…

  4. Love the outfit. Just perfect-the skirt goes beautifully with the vest. Re: your question on resolution, I’m not sure what size you resize to, or what your wordpress theme does with that after (look up image settings in your theme description and if they’re not listed, contact the makers of the theme). It also depends on what software you’re using. I find that for a 75 res is fine (if you’re at 125, WP will auto reduce to 75 before uploading that’s what makes it take forever to load), the images aren’t too large that they take forever to upload and they load fast even for people with slow internet connections.
    Not sure how you shoot either but I’d recommend shooting in raw, using Aperture/Lightroom to fix whatever needs fixing (exposure, contrast, saturation, curves etc) and then Pixelmator/Acorn (assuming you’re on a mac) to crop to the proportions you need and only then resize to the max size allowed by your theme with resolution set to 75. I usually set proportions and crop at twice the size required and then resize to 1X at that resolution and save as a png (some people find tiff works better and is less ‘lossy’, others prefer jpegs (those are the lossiest though..).
    Best of luck.

  5. Also, I’d like to add I’m not a pro in any way, these are just things I figured out from reading manuals/tweaking things. If you want pro stuff I’d strongly recommend Creative Live Photography and Adobe classes as the way to go. Unbeatable info, being in the US you could qualify to attend a free session(!) and they have sales and specials quite often (also the first time they shoot it, ie. live and the next two broadcasts are absolutely free so you could just take notes then and be done with it).
    Lately they’ve started adding some BS/woowoo stuff but hey, they know the market 😉 Their pro stuff is really the best though.

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