Honey. Lemon. Oil.

I’ve been, quietly, continuing on my natural beauty route. The funds to get a full-on homemade arsenal have been non existent. It’s quite the investment. Money and time. So, I’ve been on a budget regimen until I can graduate.

Honey, lemon juice and a variety of oils have been featuring heavily in that routine.


I use raw honey to wash my face each night. It has a host of benefits outlined here by Crunchy Betty. I don’t really have problem skin (other than that monthly hormonal bump or two, which havn’t shown up in FULL EFFECT since converting to this method) so I can’t speak to its ability to cure acne or other ailments. It does keep things feeling smooth and clean, though.


The benefits of ingesting fresh squeezed lemon juice and warm water are touted just as often as the use of honey. Yoga Journal includes it in its Ayurvedic (ps- I can’t pronounce this word) practices: “Squeezing half a fresh lemon into some warm water will help to wash the GI tract, flush out the kidneys and stimulates good bowel health.” That all sounds good to me. I’ve also heard tell that it can stimulate digestion throughout the day. I make good use the gutted, post squeeze lemon as another skin treatment. I swipe my juice coated hands over my face and use the carcass to apply juice to my knees and elbows. The acid is great for lightening dark spots and many African American people suffer from hyper-pigmentation on other areas, too.


While I can’t get with the oil cleansing method (its too messy and I never feel like it absorbs fully) I have been using a mixture of oils on my skin and hair. A small pump bottle filled with a slapdash mixture of sweet almond, jojoba and grape seed oils is always handy for a post honey wash boost at night and a post lemon juice treatment in the morning.

I’ve had pretty fantastic results with adding these same oils to homemade shampoos.
Which I’ll tell you all about, next time!


10 thoughts on “Honey. Lemon. Oil.

  1. My skin has been AWFUL lately, and you just reminded/convinced me to give honey another try. I’m sitting with it on my face as I type right now…thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. Awesome!! Love this sort of stuff! I swear by the warm lemon water in the mornings and throughout the day! I usually keep the same lemon going in a glass all day and just keep adding water. Makes me feel great! And I do the same sort of ‘swipe’ with the “hats” of strawberries – you know, when you cut up strawberries and you take off the green part? I just rub that little fleshy part all over my face and let it sit for a bit before I wash my face. It’s super high in Vit C and good for hyperpigmentation as well. Good luck! Can’t wait to read the rest of your tips!

  3. I tried the all natural route last year – oil cleansing, honey, oil moisturizers, the works. And my skin was never worse. I have seriously acne prone skin and the OCM basically ruined me for a year. I have found my dream skin regimen and (unfortunately) it is 100% Oil of Olay. They actually have awesome products. Their original formula moisturizer with sunscreen is amazing, as is their 7 in 1 acne wash, as is their resurfacing night serum and eye cream. Crazy that after YEARS of trying every brand, drugstore and department store, and everything natural, good ol’ Oil of Olay came to the rescue. But that’s just me. You have beautiful skin so it makes sense that a simple regimen would work. If you want to try a mask, this stuff (http://www.amazon.com/Aztec-Secret-Indian-Healing-Cleansing/dp/B0014P8L9W) is CRAY when you mix with apple cider vinegar. I steam once a week followed by the mask followed by a little jojoba oil. Sucks everything toxic right out of you, down to your soul I think.

  4. I just ordered the mask that Heather Lou recommended! I have really terrible acne-prone skin and the only thing that helps is birth control. I try to go the natural route with my face and hair, but sometimes break out the benzoyl peroxide. I haven’t used OCM for a while, but may try it again. I’ve used honey before too and really like it.

    I’m curious about your shampoo. I really struggle with my hair because it’s long and tangly, but I cannot use chemical-laden and animal-tested products. I still haven’t found a great alternative.

  5. I have super-mega-hyper-dry skin, and the OCM once a week in the winter is incredibly re-hydrating for my face. I have never tried honey but it sounds good to try. My current battle is winter eczema — got it for the first time last winter — so if you have any suggestions I’m all ears. The only thing that worked for me last year was Cetaphil, but I want to get away from all the lab-synthesized, chemical stuff. So far, emu oil, hemp oil, and this baby butter formulation have had very short-term, basically unsatisfactory results…

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