In Bloom

Hubby got me this Amaryllis plant for my birthday.
That teeny stalk you see there has grown about a foot and a half, with this beautiful bloom sprouting at the top.

There’s something so miraculous about watching a plant change and grow and bloom, up close.
My short-y goals also continue to bloom, too. The girls’ room got the fall cleaning treatment. Hubby and I DID get to go on our date! And, I nested, away from the computer (!!) with some knitting.

This is Ysolda’s, Gretel. Worked up in Moda Dea Washable wool that I got in a swap. This hat is difficult enough for me as it is loaded with cables. I was plugging along when I, somehow, had the right number of stitches but the pattern just wasn’t ending the right way.


I counted and recounted and then counted again. Nothing. I even went and bought the pdf pattern on Ravelry, which I placed a hold on and borrowed this Stitch and Bitch book to avoid doing, to see if the book pattern was wrong. It ain’t. On my way back to my bedroom, my mistake was suddenly clear. I read P1, K4, P1, but I was knitting P1, K4 over and over. Completely missing that second purl.

DUH!! It’s worse because I’ve made this mistake before. Several times. Whatever. That’s what happens when you knit at 3am while laughing your ass off at RuPaul’s Drag Race, the Ru-vealed special episodes. HILARIOUS! So, Ysolda gets another $6 bucks in her pocket and I can print out the pattern all nice and neat.

I also bought, rather impulsively, this color work pattern a couple weeks ago. I can’t wait to try it out.


And I was working on a Miette I started a while back. But it has been ripped back, almost to the beginning. It was coming out way too big. I’m sort of out of love with it and want to move onto something else. I really, really like this pattern.

sallycardigan2It’s called Sally. Isn’t it cute? It’s color work AND steeking, which I really want to try. It’s also free and will work with yarn that I already have, so those are definite pluses.

Are you knitting anything?


9 thoughts on “In Bloom

  1. So pleased your Shorty’s are going well!
    I’m knitting Andi Satterlund’s Agatha but I’m up to the sleeves (nearly finished one) and I dragging my feet. I’m out of love with it… and it’s become a chore.
    I’m reorganizing my sewing room so it looks like a tornado of epic proportions has hit it!

  2. That hat looks like it’s going to be gorgeous, even if it sounds like it did take a couple of starts to get sorted. I have definitely made that kind of mistake myself, too!

    I’m knitting an Ysolda pattern myself right now, and working on a Strokkur cardigan for myself this fall.

  3. This winter is my time to learn how to knit. I’ve decided. It’s just too frustrating getting hit practically daily with all these gorgeous hand knitted inspirations and not being able to do anything about it!! Haha!! I’m loving your projects – and super excited about all that color work that might be in store! Also, love the amaryllis… I’m a bit of a house plant nut and I think it’s exactly for the reasons you described. It’s just so wonderful to watch something grow right in front of your very eyes!

  4. Haven’t we all had those knitting brain farts? They’re the worst. That scarf is beautiful and so ambitious! Hope I see you soon, I haven’t been in the city in awhile.

  5. Oh, how annoying! I’ve totally made stupid mistakes like that! I finished a shawl thingy a week or two ago (haven’t blocked it yet– it’s too big to fit on my foam blocking mat), and since I hadn’t knit for almost a year when I started it, I spent about half an hour trying to figure out how to do a longtail cast-on without realizing that it’s the normal cast-on that I always used. D’oh!

    I really like the scarf and sweater here, but I’m afraid of colorwork. I’m excited to see yours! Right now I’m trying to decide on a hat to match my shawl– it’s SO COLD today and my ears were freezing on the way to work!

  6. I feel your knitting woes – although my knitting has only consisted of scarves, one colour – so really no comparison with what you’re tackling! I concur with all the other commenters – that motivational wall sign is fantastic and worthy of framing!

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