Short-y Goals

So, yesterday was OK. A few tears, but I kept it together at work. I feel a bit like a weight has been…well not lifted. Lightened. It’s been lightened. For me, anticipation is often worse than the actual thing. Once I’m over the hump, I’m good. I’ll always be sad and I’ll always miss her, but time marches on.

Speaking of time, I don’t always make the best use of it. I will spare us all and save my excuses. And just start simply by stating what I hope to accomplish in November.

Check out my shorty

I’m doing OK since I started this blog post this morning! LOL

So far, I did three loads of laundry and started my story. And hubby and I have set a date (pending babysitter) for tomorrow night. Also, the boys’ room has been revamped and scrubbed clean. Tomorrow, the girls. I’m not sure that that is what they had in mind for working together, lol. But I need more help keeping this place clean and they’re more than capable. Eight additional hands will make the load much lighter.

As for now, I think I’ll go offline, grab my knitting and a DVD and tuck in for the night. It’s funny how I can get to bed so much earlier on a Friday night. I’m sho nuff the life of the party ;D


4 thoughts on “Short-y Goals

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better today. I totally agree that anticipation is the worst. My mom died 5 years ago right before Thanksgiving and while the sadness and loss aren’t as intense as they were, I miss her every day. Great goals – I could use more than a few of them myself. I hope you get a babysitter – date nights are the best!

  2. Sometimes I think it’s the grey…loss of light, moving into winter. I’m a teacher so I’ve lost my “September” energy and am in the middle of report cards…BUT here is the message I gave to my family (I don’t have quite as many hands but still) I need (NEED) them to ask me every day “What can I do to help”. Sometimes there will be nothing, lots of times there will be something small (take the garbage out, walk the dog, weekends – bigger things). I just need to feel that I’m part of a TEAM as opposed to the lone housekeeper person. Ya know?

    Hang in, feel better and take care of yourself too.

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