Tough as Silk

Tough as Silk

Tough, because silk is strong. Tough, because I could not have made more silly mistakes while sewing this!! And tough, because I think this delicate, floaty silk/cotton tunic looks kicking styled with dark denim and chunky boots!!

Tough as Silk

I loooooove a good tunic and this one is just about perfect!! There are days where I want to feel loose and breezy and easy and Lisette & Co.’s Late Lunch Tunic is Just. The. Thing.

Tough as Silk

This is my second time sewing with one of Liesl’s patterns and I am struck by how stupid that is! For years and years I’ve read how amazing her instructions are and how smoothly things go together and how many new techniques and tips and tricks you learn as you go. This is all true. The construction is completely different than what I was expecting, but the result is so neat and clean! I am also soooo pleased with the size I choose!! The pattern made this very easy by including a chart with both natural and dropped waist measurements.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 9.29.59 AMBelow that, suggestions on which measurement (high or natural bust) to use based on your bust size and lastly the final garment measurements. That’s the set I used to choose a size 4.

Tough as Silk

The gathering and natural ease of the style cooled my usual will-this-fit-over-my-hips worries and having the measurement of the upper part, where I really like a tunic to fit well, made it possible to confidently cut into this (expensive for me) Mood silk/cotton. I think I did pretty well!!

Tough as Silk

I left off the buttons, though I think I need to sew on a little invisible snap (is this becoming my standard Liesl & Co adaptation?? lol) because I like it plain, but if I lean over it does give a little show. Though I machine stitched the hem, I hand sewed those on the sleeves. I didn’t like the look of the machine stitches, here.

Tough as Silk

The stripes are so teeny, I made no effort whatsoever to match them. And my issues while making it up were totally down to me. I kept catching bits in seams or running out of bobbin thread. Or veering left and right of the seam allowance. I unpicked more carefully that I EVER have I was soooo worried about tearing a hole in the fabric!

But, it was all right in the end!!!

Tough as Silk

I can see more of these in my future! Only with a much less precious fabric! Lol

You can check out the Late Lunch Tunic, with its fellow newly released buddies, over on Oliver & S!!!
And more photos of the collection here.


26 thoughts on “Tough as Silk

  1. Nettie, this is CUTE! I love Liesl’s patterns too, and I may have to add this one to the mix. That is a beautiful fabric you chose for it, and I bet it feels luscious. 🙂

  2. Ack, I love it! You did a beautiful job making and styling it. Thank you so much for posting about the pattern. You’ll need to drop by the studio wearing it one of these days so we can all ooh and aah over you! xo, Liesl

  3. So nice! These new patterns caught my eye the other day and I’m having a hard time not buying them all right away! I love the fabric you used for this one – it looks casual, yet elegant.

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  5. That’s beautiful! What an awesome wardrobe staple. It’s such a great shape, and the crossover thingy in the front gives it that little extra something. Man, I would wear that EVERY day. I want one!!

  6. Gorgeous top. I’d not heard of Liesl and Co and had a nice surprise when I saw her collection of patterns. They are to die for. I’m coveting 4 of them, the cape, skirt, this top and the blouse. There is not enough time to sew everything I want to make!

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