Snoopy Says, She Didn’t Fall for Cotton

Snoopy Fall

Please accept this cute, fall-themed, Snoopy comic in place of an actual Fall For Cotton project.

My efforts were doomed from the start. When it was all said and done, I had chosen the WRONG fabric to work with, misplaced the pattern I wanted to use, cut out a last minute project and then immediately became engrossed in a book (or two).

So, no cotton loveliness to show. Instead, I unearthed a long forgotten skirt and wore it instead.

Be impressed by my workroom decor. We get water to drink and have the means to extinguish fire.

I approve.


Close-up of the best shoe purchase, ever.

I love them so much, I couldn’t stop taking pics of them.
In the subway.
And on the street (I see you Spike Lee. And your vamp flick). I kept misreading this as Brooklyn Vampires rather than Black Vampires. My shoes go, either way 😉

This was totally a last minute outfit, but I totally love it! So did my husband and a few random people on the street. Sometimes, the comfy fit is well…comfy, lol and garners the most comments.

Can you believe it’s October?

For me, the month will have some busy (planning for two volunteer position ramps up), some good (it’s my birth month) and some bad (my grandma fell ill on my bday and passed a week and a day later). So if I appear a bit morose, no worries. I have a super support system at home and you all, too.
I will be fine (eventually).


12 thoughts on “Snoopy Says, She Didn’t Fall for Cotton

  1. i adore your shoes!!! and i really like that skirt. in fact every time i see the pattern (a cynthia rowley?) i think–hey, i would totally wear that skirt… and then promptly forget about it when the sales roll around. great outfit!

  2. Ah well! I actually did TWO Fall For Cotton projects BUT I admit I too have missed deadlines for other ventures I thought I’d participate in! Lovely outfit! I love Fall! ~Laurie

  3. Awww man, I realllly wanted to do Fall for Cotton, but I just couldn’t piece together the time. I really enjoyed seeing everyone else’s projects– it’s fun to check them out when I don’t have time to sew myself. 🙂

  4. I seriously am so obsessed with your blog, girl! You always post some of the greatest stuff! I’m posting on Fashion Week right now since it’s going on in my city (STL), so feel free to follow me back to keep posted with that now too! Otherwise, keep blogging great stuff!

  5. I just wanted to thank you, because your tutorial on Kollabora is helping me so much with my Scout Tee…
    PS Love those shoes!

  6. Well, that skirt ROCKS. I remember when you first posted it…love, love, love. AND THE SHOES! I have some similar in brown…but the heel is getting all worn, and I like them in black better. Ack, I don’t need to go shopping!

  7. I feel you on Fall For Cotton. I too was doomed from the start. I picked the wrong pattern (required too much grading to wrap my mind around) and fabric (too sunny and summery) pattern for the season, so I switched gears. Everything was going swimmingly until I actually started to put the garment together and discovered… I HATED the fabric. It was all wrong and I was never ever (ever, ever, ever) going to wear the damn thing when I finished. So I switched gears. And then my students turned in their first paper (all 66 of them) and it was game over.

    I think, honestly, my sew-jo has gone missing.

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