Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

This monster cowl HAD to be photographed in front of some monster street art!!

Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

This is pattern no. 1 from Drape Drape Book 1 made up in some cotton knit I bought while on my last Garment District roam with both visiting and local sewcialists. It’s pretty light weight, so I didn’t serge the seams or the cowl’s interior edge. It would have been too visible from the right side (I also didn’t feel like changing the serger thread, let’s keep it real).

Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

I tried to reduce the bewb revealing depth of the cowl by removing some width from the center of the front (1/4 inch) and back (1/2 inch) pattern pieces. I then added that width (+ a bit more based on the width of a fave top) to the side seams. This was partially successful as the front is at a totally comfortable, for me, depth. The back is still suuuuper draaaaaaped.

Check it out!!
Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

I also fudged the fit a bit more by increasing the seam allowance (by about one inch) when I attached the F&B at the shoulders.  It was enough for the front, but not the back. That damn bra strap refused to stay hidden. The wind was partially to blame.

 Here’s an outtake of me trying to tuck the top into it.

Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl
And a funny one of a face I am caught making during these photo shoots ALL THE TIME.
Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl
Which is why there are so few pictures of me facing the camera on this here blog 😉
Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl
Know your angles, people!

I might attach some little loops to connect the shoulders to my bra straps for extra security, but as I won’t be wearing this version to work, I think it’s fine to stay,  as is. Version 2.0, which will be baby pink and paired with pencil skirts, will definitely get some. It will also be teeny bit shorter (to hit at the waistband of my bottoms) and I’m contemplating using the front pattern piece to cut the back, too.

What do you all think?


12 thoughts on “Drape Drape :: The Monster Cowl

  1. Oh man! I made this out of some silk jersey a few years back (pre-blog days…) and turned it into a dress. I didn’t make any of your genius adjustments to the cowl fit and… HOLY BEWBS!! I mean… the dress was kind of sexy… I guess… but totally unwearable!! Haha! I love the adjustments you made, and I also totally think the front pattern would work for the back. Can’t wait to see it! Baby pink you say…?

    • Ahahahaha! I like my bewbs where the public can’t see them INSIDE my clothes!!

      I’m totally working up at least one more version of this to test out the pattern piece swap theory.

  2. Really love this – I have an obsession with making something with a cowl back so I think this is awesome! I really must get this book…
    Perhaps if you try wearing a shoestring tank (even in a contrast colour) under it if the mega drape freaks you out too much – nothing worse than fiddling with your clothes, it takes the uber cool down a notch!

  3. This is super cute! I have book 1 and book 2 and have yet to make a single piece. You just gave me motivation to dust those babies off and get to sewing. 🙂

  4. Stumbled upon this and do like this top. I have been considering getting this book and just decided against but may change my mind again now that I have seen a real person (that’s you!) with a top from it. Have you made anything else from a Drape Drape?

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