Lemoncello. Or is it Limeade?

Lemoncello Or is it Limeade?

This is Drape Drape Book 1, pattern no. 12 in Lemoncello (or is it Limeade?) cotton/lycra knit from Mood. I have a a super awesome salesperson to thank for adding some much needed color to my purchases that day.

Lemoncello Or is it Limeade?

I owe her BIG, because this top is so awesome to wear! And it looks great with black (and blue!), which I have a lot of (both colors ;B).

Lemoncello Or is it Limeade?

When I put this look together, I immediately thought of Sallie’s comments about stylish art teachers. I felt a bit like one in this get up. So, it was rather fitting that my daughter’s art teacher, who was the first person we saw when we entered her school, told me how much she loved it. It is so something she’d wear and she was surprised (nicely, so) that I had made it myself. She told my big girl that she gets her talent from me. Art teachers are awesome people! My baby sister will be joining their ranks, soon.

Lemoncello Or is it Limeade?

Andddd…..there’s that cape, again! I even earned another “chic” when I appeared fully dressed 😉

Lemoncello Or is it Limeade?

The one thing I would change about this outfit? I’d have already made a Ginger Bodysuit to wear under it. I have about HAD IT with tank tops rolling up, or hitting too low on the hip, or lumping up under a clingy over layer. This fall, I make that damn bodysuit!! And a couple more Yellow Tail Cami tops (I have an unblogged, one).

This is the fall of foundation sewing!!

Shit, that’s not catchy at all, LOL


I made a half assed attempt at reducing the drape of the sides, but it resulted in less width, instead. I made the smaller size with the length the pattern specified.


19 thoughts on “Lemoncello. Or is it Limeade?

  1. So rad. The color is perfect and I love the silhouette.

    Making foundation garments is such a good idea! I didn’t even think of doing that with Ginger. I’m really sick of my stretchy nude tanks riding up throughout the day. A bodysuit is a great solution.

  2. I am really loving all your clothing/style choices Nettie!!! The whole look, especially with the cape is FABULOUS! I thought the cape thing was a bit costumey before, but the pattern you have sewn together is so chic!

    • Thanks so much, Kate!! I NEVER in a million years would have though I would be SO comfy wearing a cape!! It just goes to show that you just don’t know until you try!

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