Urban Stroll Cape

After I stopped squealing and jumping around when the good peeps at Britex asked me to join their team, I zoned in on the project I wanted to start with. Almost immediately the word


(yes, all caps with !!!!) came to mind.110Because cape wearing, to my way of thinking, is for women with a certain flair. A certain sense of style. A certain je ne sais quoi! Therefore, I did not feel like cape wearing was for me. But, through sewing for myself, and blogging all about it, I became a part of a super supportive community: The Sewing Blogisphere. With the help of these virtual (and real-life) friends my feelings about beauty and talent and style began to change. As those feelings changed, so did the way I viewed myself. I slowly came into my own style. Accepted, and appreciated, my own looks and figure. Got much better at choosing and making things the flatter me. And made the kind of friends that tell you, without hesitation, how great they think you are.


Also amazing, this *Liesl + Co. pattern!!


It appealed to me for many reasons. One: it looks amazing on Liesl!! Two: the equation {simple to make = fabulous result} is not always a given. With this pattern I thought I’d have the best of both worlds. Three: thing one + thing two = perfect intro into outerwear. Four: It’s perfect with both dressy and casual outfits. That’s a major one for this tee, jeans and sneakers lover.

IMG_9019You might have noticed that my version is a little different than the pattern image. I didn’t think those curved hems would work well with the curvy area of my body they’d line up with. I also left off the buttons. During one of my (many) try-on-and-twirl-in-the-mirror sessions I began to realize that I loved the look, as is. Simple. So, I swapped out buttons and buttonholes for covered, sew on snaps. I also went with the largest size. I wanted draaaaape!

This wool is PERFECT for drapey-ness.

And it is, easily, the most beautiful wool I’ve ever held in my hot little hands!!


I had to leave the male side of the snap plain. Covering both sides made them sit too high.


Isn’t the lining perfect! I loooove the color!


And my new Chelsea Crew shoes!IMG_8962

Ahem, back to the cape….I also left off the side buttons, opting instead to add about one inch of stitches, straight through both layers, to hold the sides together.


Now the front is as sleek as the back.


Overall, this project was a JOY to work on!! It’s SO easy that I’ve promised my sister one. And I never sew for others. It’s so easy to wear and make but still makes a statement!! Even for novice cape wearers. Seriously, I’ve worn it everyday since I completed it. I SO need a plain black one. And a boldly colored one. And one for my little girl. And maybe the big girl, too



*Amanda guessed that I was making a cape and Lizzy guessed which pattern!! Maybe we’ll be a little mini army of cape wearers, soon!! Get a feel for how fierce they’ll look in this post.

HOT posing, ladies!


42 thoughts on “Urban Stroll Cape

  1. You are most definitely a woman with flair! Your cape is so elegant and chic – I adore all the changes you made to it! Cape is on my list for this fall too – I hope I manage to get to it so I can look as amazing as you!

  2. That same pattern has been on my short list of things to make, but I, too, did not feel like I had enough panache to pull it off. Now, I’m totally making it! Thanks for the inspiration–your version is beautiful and am envious of your covered snaps!

  3. Oh my GOSH! Lady its awesome. I spied this pattern just a few weeks ago too and me, I am not a cape wearer. In fact, I have to say that I found them a little weird until that Liesl + Co Cape. I immediately purchased it. It looked soooooo chic on Liesl. Oh my gosh, I’m so glad I won’t be the only one wearing a cape this fall (mine is getting made up next!). You are rockin it girl! I’m dying over the fabric pick, how fabulous it looks on you and how chic it looks in both a dressy and casual way. So cool.

  4. I’ve only recently started following your blog–and I love the stuff you do. I also love how you’ll throw some universal truth into many of your posts as a slide in 🙂 Here–first, lady, while you may be used to casual wear, I’m hear to tell you, you should dress in this get up as often as possible. It fits you perfectly and the whole package is sleek, classic and just beautifully put together. Second–here here to recognizing that when we made our damend clothes and fut them to our own very unique bodies AND have people surrounding us who WANT to help us look as fab as possible and help us SEE how fab we can look–we feel more beautiful. Thanks for that.

  5. This is such a super wearable cape though, isn’t it?! It looks amazing and I’m converted, being someone who has always admired, but couldn’t see myself wearing one in real life….until now. Nice cape making!

  6. I’m not a huge cape fan but I adore this particular pattern. It’s that perfect mix of unique and classic – and you wear it beautifully.
    I’m also in agreement about your thoughts about the growth in confidence & discovering a personal style through blogging. I started blogging because I wanted to communicate, I love to write – and I wanted to improve my sewing. However it’s given me so much more. It’s an unexpected joy and one I treasure.

  7. Your cape looks gorgeous and drapes beautifully. I like the changes you’ve made to the pattern, it looks so chic on you. I’ve not come across this pattern before. Another one for the pattern wish list.

  8. YES! This is the perfect thing for fall – a great classic piece that works with everything! And it looks impeccably made (totally agree about the buttons – looks super sleek and minimal and cool). I’ve been wearing my cape every day – as long as you can layer it with warm long sleeves, this bad boy will take you at least until November….

    Also, its so much more fun to read your posts now that I know what your voice sounds like. I can hear a little Wanette in my head and it’s awesome.

  9. Oh this is just too good to be true!!! This has GOT to be the sleekest most modern looking cape I have ever seen! Excellent call on the snaps and side-stitching in place of buttons! And it just SUITS you so well! I would totally want an army of these myself! (in fact… I just might have to be a copy cat!!)

  10. Yay for capes! I wanted to make one last year, but didn’t have the time and since yours looks so fabulous, I’ll have to make sure I get it done this year. You look gorgeous and your cape is perfect!!

  11. This is amazing! Now I always said capes should be left to cloak and dagger films, but your version is so awesome you have totally convinced my I need one too! You look chic and classy and cool at the same time.

  12. Your cape is adorable on you! I must confess I’ve had this exact pattern on my to-do for about eight months and seeing yours may have just kicked me into action to make my own. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. It’s just gorgeous… and I can completely identify with your style journey there. Sewing has opened up a whole new world of style I never thought I could make my own. Your cape has such a gorgeous, sleek and smooth silhouette – very beautiful.

  14. I keep coming back to this post to take another look. It looks so elegant and your techniques made it into something so special. You inspire me over and over!

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  16. This is amazing! I actually purchased this pattern this week, and I was a little bit worried about the effect of the rounded bottom “corners.” I saw your version through the link Liesl posted today, and I think I will adopt your mods to square them off. Absolutely stunning! I love the thought of this with long black leather gloves when the weather gets a little chilly. Incredibly chic.

  17. i love your version of this cape and was wondering if you might say a little more about how you squared off the corners (ruler obvie) because I bought this pattern but have been turned off by the curves……

    • Hi Laura! Thanks for your compliment!

      I squared off the corners of the cape very simply. I started by cutting the lower hemline at the largest pattern size and the side seams one or two sizes smaller.

      Then using a ruler I extended the side seam line down and hemline over until they met. Does that make sense?

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