GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Guess That Pattern!!

Hello, again!!

I realized that I forgot the best part of a guessing game,


So, I’ll be giving away two patterns, one to Amanda who guessed which type of oterwear correctly.

It’s a CAPE!!

The other pattern will go to the person (and if more than one, a randomly selected person from that pool) who can guess which pattern it is.

Here’s a photo I posted on instagram while I was tryng to decide on the final finishing.

Britex Fabrics Project #1

I’m so excited to show you the final product!!


Lizzy got it right!


10 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Guess That Pattern!!

  1. I think it’s the tessuti new york cape…quite fitting given your location! I really love that wool- it’s gonna be so toasty to wear.

  2. I’m also betting on the tessuti New York cape- as it is the only one I have seen and remembered. Although, I have no idea how different cape patterns really could be…. ?

  3. I love that us sewing ladies are always thinking along the same lines…..I just blogged about my latest obsession, the cape!…I’ll be whipping on up soon!…Cant wait to see yours…:)

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