{Sew} Treat Yo’ Self

treat-yo-selfLesley Jean is my ambassador of Treat Yo’ Self! Not only did she send me, unsolicited, lovely vintage sewing patterns, she recently posted about the masterpiece that is Treat Yo’ Self from Parks and Recreation.

Being a sucker for a good skit, and an even bigger one for a catch phrase, I was immediately hooked!! Making the discovery of this concept even more serendipitous: the arrival of some sewing peeps, my fave NYC gals and a planned day of basking in each others ambiance.

{Sew} Treat Yo' Self 2013

Sallie (!!), Oona (!!), Ginger (!!), Latrice (!!), Kelli (!!)

{Sew} Treat Yo' Self 2013

Puu (!!), Heather (!!), and the days’ official photog, Jennifer (!!)

{Sew} Treat Yo' Self 2013

It was fun!

It was lovely!

It was life giving (I LOVE talking to smart women)!!

We basked, you guys. We BASKED!

It was {sew} a fucking treat!!

I further ramped up the day’s Treat Yo’ Self theme by adding some of the most beautiful fabric I’ve ever purchased to my collection. Shopping with ladies with great taste is tough on your budget, but fantastic for your sewing! Just look!

Jamie Jeans Denim

Stretch Denim

Emerald (trust me) Silk Crepe de Chine

Silk Crepe de Chine

Gold & Navy Silk

Navy& Gold Silk

Black Wool Jersey

Black Wool Jersey

Anna Sui Silk Crepe de Chine

Anna Sui Silk Crepe de Chine

Navy Cotton Jersey

Navy Cotton Knit

I am overwhelmed with good feelings. The positive influence blogging has had on my life continues to grow!

We are all so lucky!

Treat Yo’ Self!


23 thoughts on “{Sew} Treat Yo’ Self

  1. Nicely done-I really wanna meet up with you chicas someday (soon). Ditto on the hanging out with smart ladies. Cannot wait for the next meetup. Meanwhile I better get my report grading out of the way first. =P Thanks for the awesome break and yea, introduction me to treat yo’ self XD

  2. Your little stack was so beautiful – can’t wait to see what you make. I went back yesterday and am pretty scared to add up the costs of the treat yo’ self weekend…. I pretended like money grew on trees. Oh well. TREAT YO SELF.

  3. You seriously scored some beautiful stuff!! It was such a great weekend and I am totally overwhelmed by the awesome-ness of our community! And I totally remember that TREAT YO SELF skit!! Ha! I had totally forgot about that!

  4. GOD, you picked up some amazing stuff! Although, I’m not surprised – considering you were shopping with some amazing ladies. Can’t wait to see what you make (and I’ll be sulking here until I can make it back to shop with you again, haha :))

  5. Wow, it looks like everything…the company…the shopping…the conversation…was perfect! I’m in New York pretty frequently and would so LOVE to catch up with other sewing divas! How do you find each other and network?

  6. I am so glad I finally got to meet you. I had amazing visit thanks to everyone on Saturday. I know these pictures don’t do just to the fabric, especially the emerald fabric. Love Park & Rec… We definitely did a TREAT YO SELF.

  7. I so wished I had someone to fabric shop with and talk sewing…I talk online to all my sewing buddies but none are here locally…My huny does the best he can to appear interested but ummmm….LOL…You ladies look like you had a cool time!…:)

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