Black is Beautiful

I’m sure I’ve shared my love of periodicals. I’ve also shared how hard it is to look out over a sea of magazines and see (maybe) one brown face looking back at me.
So, even though I’m supposed to be on a magazine diet, I could NOT resist bringing these two home. So I can leave them out and know that my brown babies will see someone like them, too.
Happy. Smiling. Brown. Beautiful.


11 thoughts on “Black is Beautiful

  1. Glad you found the mags, I remember how happy I was as a child when I was given a doll with brown eyes like mine. That was a great many years ago and almost all the dolls had blue eyes,

  2. Will be picking up both this week…I knew about the Kerry Washington cover but not about Viola on Essence…and I will break my ban on buying Essence and pick this one up because I love Viola!

  3. I pity not to find still my preferred review “Ebony” whom I collect for more than twenty years!
    I’m surprised, I embellish with images kiosks overflowing this type of magazines in your city…
    I’m great satisfied to see “Kerry” on the cover of Glamour, I adore this girl, talented of Olivia Pope’s role in “Scandal”;)

  4. I’m so hoping that by the time your kids are my age, there will be people of all kinds on the covers of magazines (and that there will be plenty of fully-clothed female role models gracing covers). It’s time for mass media to fully represent the diversity that’s all around us!

  5. @ gingermakes: hear hear!!!
    It just seems like the magazine industry talks a big line about diversity, but never delivers – always falling back on the same trope of using white, thin actresses. Despite how problematic it is – from a readership it’s also just straight up boring!

  6. Gorgeous!! It’s nice to see someone other than the same old blondes on magazine covers (and I say that as a same old blonde 🙂 ). And both of those women are also extremely talented and fantastic role models — win win!

  7. That’s great that magazines are starting to branch out with their models! A lot of them claim they are diverse but actually aren’t.. There is teenage magazine in NZ that prides itself on promoting a healthy body image and being diverse… but the models in the monthly fashion spread are always very thin, white and often blonde :/

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