WINNER: Named Patterns Jamie Jeans

Dudes, I won Rachel’s giveaway!!
My prize: a pattern from new Indie Sewing Pattern company, Named.

namedIt was DAMN HARD to choose just one of these lovelies! In the end, I went with the greatest need: PANTS! Working this year has severally cut down on my walking time. As that is the only exercise I really participate in, I have (apparently, according to the way my pants fit) put on a bit of weight.

Enter the Jamie Jeans011-Jamie-koko_2_large-1I’m officially a skinny pants convert, so I love the fit. BUT (and this is a BIG butt) the instructions are all written! Egads! How can I make pants without pictures!

It will be a challenge, I think I can handle it!

I also got a bonus prize, the Alva Collar.

020-Alva-etu_largeEven though I have absolutely NO NEED for another pattern, I can’t help but fantasize about a wardrobe filled with garments made from this collection.

Some more faves:

012-Charley-koko_large 019-Avery-koko_large 007-Tyler-koko_large 002-Eliot-koko_large 014-Dakota-etu_large


14 thoughts on “WINNER: Named Patterns Jamie Jeans

  1. I thought those jeans were so awesome with the little details that I had to have them as soon as they came out. $20 is a little more then what I would like to pay for a pdf pattern, but I hope it will be well worth it. I have the Jamie Jeans all taped up and ready to muslin! I’m just undecided on what fabric I’m sacrificing for the muslin as I too have big butt issues.

  2. I have been eyeing these pants for the last week and might just need to make some up. Perhaps I will see how yours go first though:)

  3. The styling with these patterns is so fashionable, I feel like I will be cool if I can just make my wardrobe out of all these patterns, hehe. I will be making these jeans hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I got some denim super cheap at Joann’s a long time ago to use as a wearable muslin, but no pictures scares the beejeezus out of me!! I think Sophie (cirquedubebe) bought this pattern too, so between all of us we should be able to muddle through….

  4. i would think that for the most part, these pants should come together easily without pictures. then again, i almost always chuck the directions entirely… can’t wait to see you make these up, named patterns has some seriously cool offerings!

  5. I can’t wait to see your jeans! This pattern is so stylish! I have an irrational fear of sewing jeans– they just seem impossible to get right– but I’ll be anxiously waiting to see these jeans appear on your blog!

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