Testing…Testing…Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

I was deeelighted to be asked to test sew Mari of Disparate Disciplines newest pattern, Dandelion!!!

Testing...Testing...Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

The fit on this is seriously fantastic! I sometimes have a bit of room at the upper back and usually need a sway back adjustment, but this one lies flatter than anything I’ve made in both spots with no adjusting. I’m certain this is due to the design features that Mari built in. The back is slightly smaller than the front which results in the back hugging nicely, while the front skims. Perfect! Especially in light of a certain button popping incident with a recent make, lol

Though, I have to admit, that belt came off after lunch 😛

Testing...Testing...Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

 I have to say, I’m totally proud of this top!! I usually shy away from anything that looks difficult to fit or to choose a size for. I’m easily scared, lol. BUT, agreeing to test sew meant that I had to plow ahead and hope for the best. I decided to go all-in and use the good fabric, right out of the gate. Life’s too short! I nearly cut a size 6, but lessons learned from past makes helped me decide to go with size 4, instead.

Great choice!

Testing...Testing...Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

Size four, with the length of the largest size, is perfect!! If you’ve visited here before, I’m sure you recall that I cut things long all the time. Other than that, there was no fudging the side seams afterward, or anything. I used the specified seam allowance, but I installed my zipper differently than the pattern stated. My only regret is that you can’t see the great design lines in this fabric!!

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 2.52.50 PMSchematics from the pattern!
 Though, the choice was wise as I serged a hole in the left side piece when I was almost done!! I’ve never done that before!! I only had to finish the inside seams! The busy fabric hides the repair, so I got over it pretty quickly. I’m already dreaming of a color blocked version! And a raglan sleeved dress….and a tank dress. This pattern gives you LOTS of options!
Testing...Testing...Test Sewing, Dandelion!!
It’s such a great addition to my wardrobe. Mari made sewing it up so easy with her clever printing guide, too. The ability to get just the pages you need relieves some of that pdf taping together anxiety. And the boost of confidence I felt when I zipped this baby up and it fit like a dream pushed me to move onto other projects in my stash.
But its biggest accomplishment? It just might be the pattern that makes me switch from knit to woven tank-style tops!! And I looooooove a tank top!

Mari, you’ve got a winner!

Testing...Testing...Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

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34 thoughts on “Testing…Testing…Test Sewing, Dandelion!!

  1. This is beautiful! I’ve never heard of Disparate Disciplines patterns before, so thanks for the introduction! This looks like a very thoughtfully prepared pattern.

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  4. I’ve seen the ranting and raving around the blogosphere and couldn’t agree more – this is a winner. It’s versatility with fabric and silhouette will make this a TNT pattern for many sewers.

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  7. This is a great Dandelion! Love the blog hop idea! I got to see the orange floral dress on Mari in person a week ago and I LOVED it – I can’t wait to make this pattern up – I do similar fit adjustments as you so I’m eager to see if its fits as well as it fits you! And I totally want that belt 🙂

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