Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

This is Cake Patterns, Hummingbird. Part Duex. And it still ain’t perfect. I love the smaller size (though I washed and dried the first one and now it’s perfect!!) but I’m still struggling to get my seam line at the perfect height.


The Facts

Fabric: Orange Koi 100% cotton knit from Brooklyn General in Brooklyn, NYC (obviously)

Notions: None, unless we’re counting thread

Pantone Challenge colors: Koi

Pattern: Cake Patterns, Hummingbird (I LOVE that smiling brown lady on the cover and that my friend Mikhaela helped to design her!!)


Year: 2012

Time to complete: A few (very rushed) hours

First worn: Today, to snap last minute pics

Wear again? Fo’ Sho’!!

Total Cost: $7-8, I guess. Brooklyn General had a sale on and I can’t remember the price per yard.

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

I couldn’t find my instructions, which makes it impossible to confirm if I attached the peplum properly. That rogue pleat makes me think, not.

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

The problem is, this wasn’t my first, second or even third choice for my Sew Weekly Reunion project (this fabric turned out to be an AWFUL one for pinning and stitching darts) and the difficult time I had with it tells me that the top knew it, too. It’s still full of little pulls and wrinkles and tugs that I’d get fussy about if this top wasn’t still an awesomely orange addition to my black and white filled wardrobe 😉

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

I like that it looks good belted.

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

And not.

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

And it’s great with pants or skirts.

Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire
But the BEST part was reconnecting, if only briefly, with the Sew Weekly gang!!


20 thoughts on “Reunion-ing, Just Under the Wire

  1. Adorable! You really look cute in peplums! I find it really hard to get the seamline right with them– I just always feel like I’ve got them at the wrong spot! But this looks good to me! Like the orange on you, too!

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  3. Love everything about this (especially the color) and glad you like the art. If you still can’t find your instructions, let me know at the next meetup, I don’t exactly need my copy since I know it all by heart now. 🙂

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