The Amazings, Amazing Feat

Have you heard of The Amazings??? 

The Amazings
If not, let me bring you up to speed. The Amazings has this really brilliant concept. Learning time tested crafts from our elders!! Isn’t that cool!! All of those “Not your grandma’s insert craft type here” memes never sat well with me. They ARE their crafts and that’s fucking awesome!! I was SUPER delighted to receive an email asking whether I’d like to give their classes a try. Uhmmmm….YES!! Yes, of course!!

I’m currently enrolled in three. It was hard to know which to start with!! I have tons, and tons of sewing thread and an entire roll of melt away stabilizer that I’ve, literally, had for years.  I also have some found-on-the-street hardcover books that once altered would be an awesome addition to any librarian’s home.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 1.14.15 PM

But, the truly awesome thing about the chance to enroll in these classes? This opportunity finally pushed me to try something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, make the switch to homemade beauty products (at the moment, I have 5 or 6 library books on the subject). I already try to stick to simple scents and basics like coco butter as I have small children and I am SUPER sensitive to strong smells. I almost never wear perfume and I can’t stand scented deodorant. My husband even had to switch because the smell of his was driving me crazy.

In addition, something I haven’t really talked about here, my paternal grandmother is a breast cancer survivor (don’t worry, this was not recent. She got the all-clear at her last check-up). Her cancer was concentrated in/around the breast tissue near her armpit. Which I’ve since read can be partially attributed to chemicals in commercial deodorants. She had her breast removed and underwent chemo. Scary stuff. If I can lessen my chance, and my preteen deodorant wearer’s chance, of experiencing the same…well it’s a no brainer.

The Amazings eliminated one thing that was stopping me: the need for hand holding while trying out this new-to-me craft. The other, sourcing the supplies. It turns out, I was over-thinking it. I got the pretty jars from a Freecycler and all of the oils from GNC. Because my hubby has their frequent shopper card, I saved a ton of money!


I started with the salt scrub. The kids decided that lemon was the scent of the day.


Side note: I even craft in homemade. I’m rocking a refashioned dress ;p


They had a great time helping me measure, pour and mix! And it smelled sooooo amazing!




In the end, we had two jars of lemon icy scented awesomeness!!! We all tried it on our hands and walked around sniffing them for the next hour or so, lol. I tried it in the bath and it was wonderful!! I’m totally and completely HOOKED! I went right onto making the witch hazel toner which felt great after my honey face wash. (I’d run out of honey and started using some leftover cleanser I had and it does not work nearly as well as raw honey and warm water.)

It was a good night for handmade at chez Sown Brooklyn!! I have another GNC run (for beeswax) before I can make deodorant, but I see more making on tonight’s agenda!

Share your fave beauty recipes in the comments and if you have none,
consider giving The Amazings’ Elders, with all of their wisdom, a try!!


26 thoughts on “The Amazings, Amazing Feat

  1. OOOh! This sounds awesome. I have my grandmother’s sewing machine and always feel a little regret that I had no interest in sewing when she would have been alive to teach me. As much as I love innovation and creativity, there really is no school like the old school!

    • I feel the same about the sewing stuff I inherited from my late grandma. I wish I could ask her WHY she has so much trim! lol I do think this project will satisfy the need for a grandma in a lot of crafter’s lives.

  2. That’s a really cool website idea! My favorite contestants on The Great British Sewing Bee were the older ones who had been sewing all of their lives. Such great experience and I loved their overall calm demeanor. You’ve made some great progress with these handmade goodies!

    • It is nice to listen to someone with years of experience talk about their crafts. It’s apparent when reading soapmaking texts that you can only learn some things through trial, error and years of experience.

  3. Glad to see another positive review of these courses! The initiative is awesome, I think.

    Just wanted to drop a note of encouragement about the homemade deodorant. The internet is full of this stuff, so I won’t drag on, but just wanted to say I have had success with a homemade 3-ingredient one (I used Amy’s recipe on Angry Chicken) and with coconut oil alone (wow, it works for me!). No weirdness or clothes staining or anything.

    I have had it melt and leak (out of a Tupperwre container) when I travel, though, so I take a crystal one when I’m traveling — which is fine as long as I follow the directions to dry it off after using it. Otherwise the crystal starts to smell. (The crystal is alum, so still potentially questionable; in my mind, the data aren’t definitive yet…)

    • Thanks for the info, Tiffany!! The internet is VAST so I always apprecriate a person-to-person review of things. I’ve had Amy’s ebook/pdf book for years but still felt reluctant to take the plunge.

  4. i’ve started making some natural cleaners for around the house stuff, but haven’t ventured in beauty products yet. these sound awesome! one of my sisters is a two time cancer survivor, so i really do think about all the chemicals and reducing our exposure to the potentially harmful stuff. thanks for the class recommendation, sounds like a good one!

    • I want to switch to homemade cleansers, too. I started reacting badly to the strong smell of many and switched to using diluted bleach. But that’s too strong, too.

      I hope you find something you like on The Amazings, site!

  5. I love my homemade deodorant. I’ve tried a lot of different recipes and always come back to a simple recipe with arrowroot, baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oils. Be careful with using beeswax in your deodorant – it stained my white shirts a brownish yellow color.

  6. I have never heard of this website but I am dying to try it out! I keep eyeing older women on the streets and wonder how they’ll take to my requests to adopt them but maybe this would be a better option? Also, I totally hear you on the natural beauty products because of cancer. I made the switch last year and I’m SO much happier (and I sweat less!). Crunchy Betty has a lot of recipes I love if you’re looking to expand your homemade products. And thanks for recommending the Amazings – I’m heading over to check it out now!

  7. What a cool site! You’ll have to let me know how the homemade deodorant works out. I make a few of my own hair and skincare products at home and have been hesitant to try deodorant.

    • That site is super cool!! I’m a little hesitant to try the deodorant myself. I will have to rethink beeswax, too. As another commenter said it might cause stains. No good.

  8. I hadn’t heard of this site before, but it sounds, well, amazing. 🙂 And this – “They ARE their crafts and that’s fucking awesome!!” Totally agree! I’d love to learn more about making beauty products…I’m also wary of commercial deodorant like you, and look forward to hearing how your homemade version goes. And I will definitely check out the class as well – thanks for the review!

    • It’s such a great idea, I’m surprised someone hadn’t thought of it, already!! I had some trouble sourcing the beeswax, and thanks to another comment, I’m not sure I should use it anyway. Stay tuned!!


  9. OOOH, I was asked to review too, I’m going to try the pot plants tiling! I watched it last night, and it’s just SO freaking cute and I love their accents! (My instructor had a Spanish background and she was talking to the British presenter!) Such a great idea, right?!

  10. zomg that is awesome! Yea I’ve heard of the amazings but was totally avoiding the site because I don’t have the time/$ but..but..but..your home made natural beauty care product =..S They’re beeutiful! Augh.

  11. How awesome! I need to go check out this website! I also love making a sugar scrub for my lips and my hands. I just take brown sugar and mix in almond oil until I get the consistency I like. 🙂

  12. Wow! I’ve never heard of The Amazings before – they sound, well, amazing! I will be definitely checking it out! Thanks for the review – it looks like you are super talented at everything you do!

  13. This is wicked interesting. I’ve been enjoying your recent related pins. I do hope you continue to share about the homemade beauty products, especially how well the deodorant works.

  14. I’d also love to know how the deodorant (beeswax or otherwise) works once you’ve made it. I try to buy the deodorant that seems the safest without spending a ton of money, but I think making my own would be a better alternative. Do you read Amy Karol’s blog ( She writes a lot about homemade toiletries. And cakes! Was the raw honey face wash also a suggestion from the Amazings course?

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