{No} Blues for Hawthorn!!

{No} Blues for Hawthorn

Another pattern pulled from the collection!! Although, this one shouldn’t really count as it’s a very recent addition to the collection.
This is Colette Patterns Hawthorn, of course. This version is technically a muslin before I cut into my Liberty fabric.
The deeeelightful buttons are vintage by way of my grandma πŸ˜€
They totally make the top!!

{No} Blues for Hawthorn

Their awesome green color make this basic more of a specialty piece, since it will be difficult to match things with them. This oldie but goodie skirt was a perfect fit!!

{No} Blues for Hawthorn

This is mostly a size two. I did taper out the side seams a bit. To about a size 4 or 6. Things were looking a tad small, so I used a much smaller seam allowance than the pattern calls for. The cotton has since relaxed a bit, which makes me wonder if I should have stuck with 5/8 of an inch, after all.

‘Tis no matter! I LOVE this make!! And I am so proud of its fit and finishing!! You can’t see how neat and clean it is on the inside. Oh, wait. Let me take a pic.

{No} Blues for Hawthorn
You see!!
{No} Blues for Hawthorn
I’m sooooo pleased!

{No} Blues for Hawthorn

Tracing the pattern used the last of my tracing paper. Though, I wonder about tracing a larger size. My real concerns are the armholes and sleeves. I like the rest of the fit, but I HATE super snug sleeves and tight underarms. I planned to add sleeves to this one, but I didn’t have enough fabric. It might take another muslin.

{No} Blues for Hawthorn

You know what was super fun?? That little snap at the waistline audibly popping open (repeatedly) after I had lunch!
I won’t add one of those, again.

{No} Blues for Hawthorn

Well, that’s all, folks!! Did you make a Hawthorn? Link it up in the comments!

{No} Blues for Hawthorn


28 thoughts on “{No} Blues for Hawthorn!!

  1. Ahhhh cute cute cute!! Love the pop of green. I’ll finish my Saltspring dress tomorrow, then next week is The Archer muslin time, THEN I will get to work on my Hawthorn. I’m planing it in a charcoal Swiss dot.

  2. This is sooooo gorgeous! I love it! It’s such a nice shape on you! When I was finishing my latest dress (still unposted), I had to get realistic with myself and leave some ease at the waistline– it looked great cinched in, but I knew that post-burrito I’d be dying!

    • Thank you!! And the snap is a result of not following instructions. The pattern tells you to use a hook and eye, but I can NEVER get those in the right spot! I’ll know better than to substitute, next time!

  3. OMG, I LOVE this top. The peplum! The buttons! And it is soooo perfect on the inside! And this is just a muslin?! Wow. Can’t wait to see the final Liberty version!

  4. Beautiful. So classy and elegant. You’re right, the buttons absolutely make it! The Hawthorn is on my list to sew, but I keep being distracted by all the lovely versions that keep popping up! x

  5. Lovely! It’s so clean inside and out, and it has a beautiful shape. Those buttons are indeed perfect.
    Haha! Thanks for the laugh about your snap popping woes. I too have a garment with a snap that audibly pops when I’ve been a little gluttonous.

  6. Nettie, this is GORGEOUS on you!! I love the peplum, and how it pairs with your skirt! That little popping snap is hilarious! Would drive me NUTS! (Shhh, little snap! Just let me eat my chicken ‘n waffles in peace!!)

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