Oops, I Grainlined It Again!

Hemlock in Stripes

I’m sewing with Grainline patterns!!

This time, it’s Jen’s latest, the Hemlock Tee. And it’s FREE!!Hemlock in Stripes

This look is way more fall than I think I’m ready for, but I’m sure I’ll be wishing for yesterday’s mild temps, today.

I love a loose, slouchy tee!! But, I think making this drives home how much I prefer them with a hi-lo hem. I felt a little frumpy with the tee hanging down, loose. with it tucked in a bit, I felt a lot more comfortable. And it looks much better, too.

Hemlock in Stripes

I already have Hemlock Tee II cut out. In the cream version of this fabric. I got them both at Mood. At $12 a yard and 72 inches wide,  my yard and a half of each leaves me with enough for at least one more top. Probably two. I’d buy this again in a heartbeat!! It sews up like a dream and is not nearly as sheer as I thought it would be. Zipping this together on my serger was super easy as it didn’t roll much at all.

Hemlock in Stripes

Hemlock in StripesThe only mod I made to this perfect (one size) pattern was to lengthen the sleeves a teeny bit.  About an inch and a half. I will very likely wear them pushed up, like so. But full length is great for those freezing days ahead.

Anyway!! Visit Grainline. Print out Hemlock. Sew it up. Put it on. Pose with a skeletal kitty cat.


Hemlock in Stripes


20 thoughts on “Oops, I Grainlined It Again!

  1. Shirt looks great. I made one on the weekend too, in grey and white stripes. Did you grade the pattern at all cause it only comes in the one size. I didn’t, and it looks fine, but not as slouchy as yours, and yours looks heaps longer.

    • Thanks!! I didn’t grade the pattern, but on this version I think I forgot to cut the bottom flush with the pattern piece. It was late, and I was in cut and move onto the next thing mode ;o)

  2. I made a Hemlock this weekend too! And I was planning on wearing it the same way – tucked in at the front. Great minds, eh? 😉 Love your navy blue version. Mine is a little more . . . loud.

  3. Perfect tee! Though I have to agree, this might just be too Fall for me to handle right now!! Haha! But give me a couple more months (Texas…) and I’m sure I’ll be wearing this one non-stop! That Jen sure knows how to make ’em….

  4. [WP ate my comment, sorry if this repeats…] great tee, especially for fall coming up! i love the grey knit you used. i’m trying to make myself buy fabrics in colors that i tend to wear more often, and grey is definitely on that list!

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