Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Ahem….DUDES!! I made a JACKET!!!


And I love it sooo much I took pics TWICE and still didn’t get them nice and crisp.

So, I LOMO’ed out šŸ˜‰

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

This is By Hand London’s Victoria Blazer, of course!! I’m finally making something when everyone else is! Lol I used a really prettily printed stretch cotton sateen from Which is puuuurfect for it!I I only lined the bodice with cotton (with minimal stretch) because the sleeves were a little snug (I used a smaller seam allowance to make them more comfy) on the size 4.

Excuse me while I reach around to pat myself on the back for this absolutely kick-ass blind stitching job!!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

I initially cut a different shell fabric (see it here on Instagram) but fell out of love with the thought of a white blazer when the summer’s ending, soon. I can see now that the sleeves would have been really awkward in that fabric (a thick-ish, cotton twill) so the change was for the best. I also, based on the informal poll taken on Instagram and By Hand London’s own Elisalex, decided to shorten it a little. The 4 fits in the upper bodice, but it was snug at the hips, which pulled the side seams back, making the pockets awkward. I’d love to make the next size up, in a fabric with more drape, to get the desired slouchy look.

Though, this one ain’t bad!!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

I took a little collection of pins out to try on the cool lapels, but the wind killed my mood. I painted the lady, bought myself the owls on Ebay and the other three are vintage from my granny.

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Some Victoria details?! Shall we?

Yes, of course!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

Love! This little thing will see so much wear!

Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!


42 thoughts on “Dotty, Spotty, Victoria!

  1. I actually thought that the jacket was navy, until you’d mentioned it was black. So chic, either way!

    Your granny had excellent taste; those brooches are fantastic.

    That blind-stitching is incredible. I can’t see a stitch.

  2. It is beautiful! You did an awesome job with this…and I’m sure we’ll see another version because it would be great for those crisp fall days in Brooklyn.

  3. Ooooh, I love it! What a great fabric – it looks so different from a distance than what you see close up. I think when I get to the longer length one, I’ll be doing a partial crop too – Gotta have room for those hips šŸ˜‰

  4. What an awesome looking jacket! Great construction, and I just love the fabric. I thought I was going to skip this latest craze but you’re making me have second thoughts!

  5. Love it!! That fabric is fantastic! And it looks like the perfect little addition to a wardrobe. I can totally see this blazer being an outfit workhorse!

  6. This has me freaking out a little, I want to make one soooooo bad!! But we are moving in a week and a half, and still so much packing left. Definitely on my list for September!! I think this is my favorite so far, the length is perfect and you did such a nice job- it all looks crisp and beautifully constructed šŸ™‚ If this were in my closet I think I would have a hard time not wearing it every day! OK that’s probably enough gushing, but I seriously love it, nice job šŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much, Kelly!! I think this would be a great addition to your wardrobe!! And don’t tell your hubby I said so, but you could probably squeeze this out between packing ;o)

  7. This looks great! And I love the brooches, especially the parasol. I just found the Lomo setting in Picasa so this was timely – the photos came out nice!

  8. I love this so much! I wasn’t convinced by this pattern at first but I’ve seen so many fabulous versions, this one included, that I’ve decided I really really need one. Just counting down until payday….

  9. Wow what a fab blazer. I have the Victoria Blazer on my list of new makes (the list is getting longer and longer). Beautiful hand-stitching on the lining and a great choice of fabric. Nice job!!

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