Newest Britex Guest Blogger? ME!

Britex Guest Blogger

You read that right?? I’ll be joining one of my fave ladies, Jen from Grainline, and other super talented sewcialists over on the Britex blog!! I am so stupid excited about it!!

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.48.02 PM

I also spent time with beautiful and talented sewcialists (and some of their family members) at the Male Pattern Boldness Day Extravagaaaaanza.

AND, thanks to the easy to decision to sew with Victory patterns, I had my picture in Flare, a Canadian fashion magazine!!

From Kristiann @ Victory PatternsThis week has been awesome for sewing news!!

What’s (sew) awesome with you?


25 thoughts on “Newest Britex Guest Blogger? ME!

  1. Oh, ya baby!! What a plethora of great news!! Can’t wait to read the article on Kristiann and see your part in it. And looking forward to seeing your posts on the Britex blog!

  2. That’s so amazing!!! Britex is near and dear to me….my mom would take me on trips to SF when I was young just to go to Britex when she needed to pick up something *extra* special. And most of my fabric stash was accumulated from Britex remnant sales (because that’s pretty much all I could afford there, lol!) during my 10 years living in San Francisco. So it’s extremely awesome to see you on their blog!! Also, congrats on your magazine appearance! 🙂

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