A Day of Amusement

Yesterday, hubby took the day off and we hit the road (in a rented van, gosh do we need a van!!) to

Coney Island!

For those not in the know, Coney Island has been a Brooklyn institution since the 1920s!!! It’s history is so long and storied, I’ll leave you that link above to discover more, like the good librarian that I am ;o)





I wore handmade! My cropped Scout with the denim version of the skirt I wore with it the last time. My family were kind enough to snap pics of me all over the park ;o)




We had a really, really great day!! We had different plans, but sometimes a change of plan is the best recipe for an unexpectedly fabulous time!

The highlight of my day?



7 thoughts on “A Day of Amusement

  1. Fun day out and in handmade goodies to boot! Coney Island has actually been around as a seaside resort since the 1820s (I think the first amusement ride opened in the 1870s). It was the Disneyland of its day!

  2. Hey! Just wanted to send a quick message saying it was really great to meet you on Saturday. I’m sorry we weren’t able to make it back in time before you had to run. I hope to see you around the neighborhood sometime! I’m always up for impromptu happy hour or lunch. 🙂

  3. I used to live in NYC in the 1990’s and remember having some totally fun days out to Coney Island, including several Mermaid Parade’s and a few rides on the Cyclone – now that’s one scary roller coaster – you think it might just fall to bits any minute!!
    Love your blog and your approach to styling and making your clothes. Always fun to read what you are up to next!

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