Out Of Groove

Friends, I’ve been a bit out of it.

I was worrying over something. Turns out, I was worried was for absolutely nothing.


Can you believe it?

Sometimes you gotta have faith. Or listen to your husband 😉
It fits that I got the worry relieving news on his b-day. He hit the big 4-0, yesterday and the kids and I treated him to dinner.

Then we stumbled into some pre-teen turbulence, quite unexpectedly, and it threw me off again. We straightened it out, though.

To shake the last of the funk, I gathered up the kiddies and headed out.

Liberty @Brooklyn General

Beautiful Street Art

Wood Beasty @Brooklyn Pharmacy & Soda

Periodical Temptation @Barnes & Noble

Donut Peaches @The Borough Hall Farmers Market

Yellow Plums @The Borough Hall Farmers Market

Orange Knit : Blue Liberty : Frankie : Hawthorne

Kid Mags : Diary Books : Bones

Parent Torture

Storm Trooper & Skeleton

My pockets are a little but lighter, but my mood is MUCH brighter! If I manage to get some sewing done I should feel fully restored!

I hope you’ve been having a great weekend, too!


5 thoughts on “Out Of Groove

  1. I was just thinking yesterday you hadn’t blogged in a while ( me neither, house moving stress for me!). Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to raise the spirits!

  2. ohmygoodness, so sorry to know you’ve been dealing with challenges. Been there & done that: thanks for all the eye candy in this post! Evidently Brooklyn would be a nice place to visit for a weekend; we have charming spots here, too, but I likee what I see!!

  3. I’m just going to stick my fingers in my ears and ignore the part about the importance of listening to your husband! 😉 Just kidding– mine is ALWAYS right. ALWAYS. Sigh.

    Glad you guys had a fun end to a not-so-fun day! Will I see you Saturday when Charlotte from BHL comes to town?!

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