More Making with Black & White

This is not even remotely on time for the sew-along BUT I’m posting it anyway.
More Making with Black & White

More Making with Black & White

Top :: Cake Patterns Hummingbird (Green)
Jeans :: F21
Shoes :: Old Navy

It’s possible that this fabric was completely the wrong choice for this top. I say possible, because it may have worked out differently if I cut it smaller. I like my knit tops pretty fitted, but I was being conservative because I was terrified of wasting any fabric from my small Mood stash.

More Making with Black & White

Despite that, I’m pretty pleased with it! I was super comfy today and, of course, I love stripes and I love, love black and white!

More Making with Black & White

Now, I just need the matching skirt!!

More Making with Black & White

I already have a few plain denim skirts so I was planning on the fancier of the two Hummingbird offerings…in denim. 😀


11 thoughts on “More Making with Black & White

  1. Looks great! The peplum looks very nice – I was wondering how a one-piece striped version would look like. I’ve got some black-and-white striped knit and was thinking about soong a chevron 4-seam version. But I like how yours trend out! Nice photos!

  2. I love it. I love the way the strips turn a bit on the peplum portion…it looks awesome. And great photo backdrop!

  3. Very cute! I like the way the stripes look on the peplum. I too like your photo backdrop. It definitely caught my eye while scrolling through the reader. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your fancy denim Hbird skirt.

  4. Well you know I love it… Stripes- check! Black & white – check! Peplum – check! It came out great and I think it’s super flattering too. There’s a reason why you like black & white & denim so much… They are classic but edgy at the same time.

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