The Scout Sew-Along :: Wrapping Up

Okay, peeps. I’ve posted my Scout modification notes over on Kollabora.

Scout Sew-A-Long @Kollabora!!

Things are popping over there! With new Scouts coming out of the woodwork!
Jen even uploaded a series of KICK ASS KNIT SCOUTS!! Yes, that needed to be in all caps 😉Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 2.20.55 PM

She also posted her thoughts on the different types of jersey knits she used, complete with links to the actual fabric! I just missed this info by a few hours. I was probably in Mood while she was writing the post. Thank goodness for the wonderful salesperson that helped me. She saved me from standing around like an idiot trying to make a choice.

 I picked up a stack of knits for the Hummingbird Sew-Along and to try out a knit Scout. But my effing washing machine BROKE (*^*%*&%) so I have to wash everything by hand a bit later. I also grabbed some swimsuit lining from Spandex House. Which is a little creepy on the inside, I must say.

What do you think of the knit Scouts that Jen made? I love them! I  need some more slouchy tees for this oppressive heat we’ve been having!  I have so much sewing to do! I was so busy and beat these past few days, but I feel like my energy level has perked up.

Watch this space for some sewing!!


13 thoughts on “The Scout Sew-Along :: Wrapping Up

  1. I loved and appreciated that post SO much. Different weights definitely make a difference! I’m going to make a few mods then cut some more. Just add length and lower the neckline. I’m also in love with your hi-lo hems. One of those will probably be happening.

    This has been an awesome sew along. Thank-you!

  2. I got confused here – scouts in Australia are generally boys lighting fires by rubbing sticks together and things – ;)! I think it’s time I investigated the other sort of scouts!!

  3. I’m so glad I saw the cropped version you posted the other day. It made me download the pattern and I finished my first scout tee today and I love it!! I definitely want to make a knit version. It was very helpful to follow the sewalong and it cracked me up at times (Using the suggested seam allowance or not…). Thank you! (I just finished a few things for the Hummingbird sewalong. I can’t wait to see what you made).

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