Scout :: Cropped & Dotted

Scout :: Cropped & Dotted

Another Sew Along Scout!!!

Top :: Scout Woven Tee
Skirt :: Advance 9916
Sandals :: Target

This time, cropped for some belly exposure. Well, more like ribcage exposure since you will NEVER see me in this top without something with a high waist paired with it 😉
I added little pleats to the sleeves rather than gather them. I think they look sweet!

Scout :: Cropped & Dotted

I also made the hem a tiny bit hi-lo. What can I say, I really like that look with a woven tee! The curved lines at the side speak to me. I hope to get my thoughts (and photos) together to share how I modified this and the sunshine tunic version up on Kollabora.

Scout :: Cropped & Dotted

I pointed this buggy out to the kids.
Scout :: Cropped & Dotted

They had a teeny freak out when I let it crawl on my hand.
Scout :: Cropped & Dotted

My childhood self also shouted “WTF!?!?!?” as I would never have willing let a bug crawl on me then, lol! Right after the little lady snapped this, it flew away and made them all scream!

Me and the littler three were on our way back from hanging out with Mikhaela and her crew at the sweetest little party! We don’t go to many b-day functions, but I’m so glad we did this time. We had such a nice time. And stumbled across the perfect place to snap a few pics.

Good times.
Scout :: Cropped & Dotted
PS- My husband told me I looked like a little kid, today! I think it might be the midi skirt length paired with flats, lol. AND This cropped Scout also marks the THIRD project I’ve squished out of this dotted rayon challis! Stash busting for the WIN!


15 thoughts on “Scout :: Cropped & Dotted

  1. I love this outfit – the color combination, the short top paired with the midi skirt! I clicked right from here to Jen’s site to buy the Scout pattern.

  2. It’s really cute this length, I like your whole outfit! I really like the pleat in the sleeves too. I am finishing up my first Scout tonight! I made two muslins before I got brave enough to cut into my silk, ha.

    • HA!! It seems like my fear of bugs flew the coop once I became a parent. It was suddenly my job to be brave and kill things.

      Thanks for the top love!

  3. You look fantastic!! I really really like this cropped length paired with the midi skirt. You are making me want to shed this baby weight faster so I can sew some fun things for me!

    • Thanks!!! This look is directly inspired by Pinterest!

      Your baby weight will be gone, when it’s gone! But the baby grows up fast, so enjoy that instead!

  4. It’s such a fantastic outfit, you look so stylish in it! It goes great with that skirt. I’m so glad the kids enjoyed the party, little Z had a blast and was very happy to have them there! (Even if at first she was too focused on just eating her cake).

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