Twist of Lime

Twist of LimeFirst, there are truly no words for your absolutely awesome and kind words on my last post!!! I am continually amazed by our online community and I am so happy to be surrounded by so many amazing, supportive, beautiful and talented people!

It’s funny, actually. How one responds to any kind of outpouring of good feeling…I struggled with feeling embarrassed by it rather than embracing it. Do any of you do that with compliments? I did my best to resist those feelings and instead allowed myself to feel good, really good about overcoming that hurdle, sharing it with you all and accepting your compliments.

All kinds of growth and progress.

I’m also a more-than-usually proud Mama, today. My oldest cleared a hurdle this week, too!! She kicked ASS at school today. They have two read-aloud share with parents/teachers/community type events and she really struggled with it the first time. Today, kicking ass and taking names! She was also awarded this Confidence bracelet at their morning meeting. This is so HUGE! So many teachers, and even some of her fellow students, complimented her and marveled at the changes in her.

Kill them with CONFIDENCE

I’m patting myself on the back for another reason, too. Do any of you have an iMac? Where the geniuses at Apple decided to put the SD card slot RIGHT UNDER THE EFFING DISC DRIVE?!?!?

Yeah, got mine stuck in there. And used my Google-fu to find a solution and got the sonofabitch OUT! Never underestimate my resourcefulness when it comes to avoiding paying to repair a stupid mistake I’ve made 😉

Twist of LimeTop :: Archer
(Obnoxiously bright Lime) Tank :: Tarjay
Jeans :: Old Navy
Kicks :: MIA


5 thoughts on “Twist of Lime

  1. Super terrific congratulations to Daughter and Mother! Well done both of you, Thank you for sharing your joy, my day is better for hearing your good news.

  2. I think compliments can be hard to take, I have to really remind myself to just accept it and say thank you instead of downplaying myself…I am happy for you and your daughter that she is gaining such confidence, that is awesome! Oh, and I have an iMac and totally did the same thing a couple of months ago…I used the skinny little tweezers that came with my serger to fish it out of there. I felt like I was playing that game “Operation”, haha. Glad you got yours out!

  3. Awwh, congrats to your little one! That’s awesome.

    I handle compliments on what I make more graciously than those on my physical appearance. It’s weird. But positive reinforcement in general is always much appreciated.

    Man, you are cranking out the Archer’s! Once I finish this first one, I think the others will be a bit easier. A bit quicker I hope.

    Also, I had NO IDEA you were the creator of the Felicity pattern!! Omg, that is my favorite hat. I made one last fall that I wore all winter long. I have plans for a few more this year. It’s such a great pattern – so thank-you!

  4. It took me a long time to get comfortable accepting compliments. A mentor once told me, “The only gracious thing to say is ‘thank you’.” It took a few years for that to take root. 🙂 Love that all your photos are outdoors, in different locations, in natural sunlight!

  5. It’s hard to accept compliments! I usually try to deflect them, but sincere compliments are good for the soul. I’m trying to do better at remembering to compliment people (in real life, that is– it’s so easy to dish out compliments to you sewy-bloggy types!).

    So glad to hear your girl has grown so much! It must make you feel great to see her coming into her own!

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