Peeps. I have NEVER worn my hair like this outdoors!

It was very weird, a little warm, and A LOT AWESOME rocking this style outside of my home!

My little daughter was VERY surprised when she came out of school, lol

Learning to like my hair, as it is, has been a journey. This was a particularly tame day. Seriously, it can get much, much bigger than this. Pictures don’t truly capture the mass of it. With low humidity and plans to stick close to home (I had a mani/pedi, my first pro one in about a million years that my hubby AND sister had to harangue me into, lol)  it was a safe day to try it on for size.



Top :: Victory Patterns Roxanne
Leggings :: Old Navy
Sandals :: Target


Pictures courtesy of that surprised little daughter 😉


46 thoughts on “BIG HAIR BRAVERY!!

  1. Three chairs for big hair! Isn’t it liberating to just let it all go?

    I naturally have what I like to call, “Brooklyn art-teacher hair.” (Mostly because it’s my friend’s mom’s hair, and she—wait for it—used to teach art at Brooklyn Friends. Shocking, I know.) I tame it with a whip and chair, and even got a keratin treatment a couple of weeks ago, but big hair is the best.

  2. Nettie!!! I LOVE IT! Gasp!! You look so gorgeous! You always look gorgeous, but big hair wins me over every time! Haha! And that Roxanne top… sigh…. so cool.

  3. My god woman. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. The bigger the better! I’d love to see you go full Angela Davis one day.

    And the Roxanne! I have it all printed and ready to go and haven’t yet found a moment. Soon my pretty. SOON.

  4. I WISH I could get my hair that big. It’s about 5-6 inches long now but it curls up so tightly so it looks so much shorter. I can’t get it to do anything vertical. Do you braid yours at night?

  5. You look gorgeous- I love your big hair! That Roxanne top you’re wearing too – you’re tempting me to go right on and buy that pattern now, trying to hold myself steady till next pay day though!

  6. I have very short hair- because I cannot make it do anything reasonable past a certain length- if I had fabulous big, bold hair I would be hard to live with- much flipping and prancing- you are ruling it!

  7. Well, I already commented on this on Instagram, but I just have to say it again – your hair is beautiful!! I am so so jealous of your curls and how big and fabulous it gets. My hair is all flat and limp and sad, hahaha. I mean, you are gorgeous no matter what you do with your hair, but I think the big hair is definitely my favorite 😉

  8. Your hair is beautiful. You and your smile are beautiful. I can’t believe you haven’t worn it out like this before….life’s too short woman, we don’t have half enough time to discover who we are and enjoy being it. Wear that hair any way you want to….but with your head held up high. Gorgeous.

  9. The irony is that those of us with flat straight hair spend our lives and money trying to get big….while those with big hair want straight and flat. Can’t we just learn to love ourselves already?! You look fab! And this reminds me that I need to buy Roxanne toute suite.

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