Graffiti & Puffs & Scallops

6.11.13 :: Puffs & Scallops

6.11.13 :: Puffs & Scallops

Graffiti :: Talented Artist
Giant Puff :: Genetics (see it unbound, here!)
Top :: Scallopized Grainline Tiny Pocket Tee
Jeans :: F21
Sandals :: Target

6.11.13 :: Puffs & Scallops

I went on a swimsuit fabric run to Mood with my Sissy, today!! I LOVE sister dates!! I also squished in lunch with my hubby. He was nice enough to snap these pics for me ;o)

It was funny, while at Mood (in the knits aisle getting my copy-cat on with the fabric Jen used for her knit Scout. ps- I couldn’t find it) I saw Jodi! What are the odds?! I love New York!! Anyway, I hightailed it to the swimwear aisle, with directions given via tweets from Sonja and Charlotte, so that I can join in on the Bombshell Swimsuit sew-along.

Bombshell Sewalong
I have a swimwear necessary event, next week. But, it’s looking like the weather is going to suck. So, I will be waiting for the sewalong to start. Check out my fabric here.
I also had to pump my brakes on tearing into my Hummingbird pattern as it benefits my House to sew within the specified time. I’ll be sewing along with Mikhaela! This is as close as I’ll get to being sorted at Hogwarts and I plan to relish it!

Today was a super busy day of doing exactly what I wanted to do! Can’t complain about that. Well, much. My sister and I also hit three stores in addition to Mood. F21 yielded one pair of ill fitting pants and HM another. And the Basquiat tees I wanted from another chain totally sucked in person.

That’s what I get for shopping when I can SEW MY OWN.


11 thoughts on “Graffiti & Puffs & Scallops

  1. I like the scallops! I have such mixed feelings about this swimsuit…it looks sooooo amazing on everyone I have seen, but I really don’t need a new swimsuit right now. BUT- I want one! We’ll see if I can resist 🙂 Is your fabric black? That’s what I have in my head, a solid black halter version. I wish I had a sister!! Sounds like a fun day 🙂

  2. Oooh, many sewalongs for you! And, that graffiti is very eye catching. I also love the scallops. Did you use a pattern for them or just draw by hand and sew together? I was thinking about doing scallops for the trim on my pajama bottoms, but wasn’t quite sure how to do it.

  3. Isn’t it funny who catches you at Mood? Oona hit, er, enthusiastically tapped me on the elevator at Mood. So fantastic. Though I am sorry that you likely won’t run into *me* at Mood this Friday.

    That tank is perfection. Your bombshell is going to be beautiful!

  4. I love your tiny pocket tee! Also, this sounds like such a dreamy day! I would love to go on fabric outings with my sister only to run into fellow sewing bloggers!! You east-coasters…

  5. Love this tank! Super cute! I can’t wait to see your swimsuit! And I ran into Charlotte and Meredith today at Mood when I went in for MY swimsuit fabric! Small world, isn’t it?

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