Red! Hot! Archer!

Red! Hot! Archer!

I made another Archer!!
This time, sans sleeves!
And bum ruffle 😉

Top :: Grainline Archer Button Up
Jeans :: Old Navy

Red! Hot! Archer!

I followed Jen’s mods for her sleeveless Archer and made it one size smaller. I think I could have shaved a bit more off at the shoulders. And I definitely should have given myself more room to groove in the hips.

No matter! Red! Hot! Archer! is a great addition to my wardrobe!! It has COLOR and (if I may say so myself) looks fab tied up, just so. Watch out for it worn over a maxi dress in the future.

Red! Hot! Archer!

This top is extra special. My oldest son helped me attach the buttons!! He had so much fun he asked what he could help with, today. I might just suggest that tracing patterns would be awesome 😉

This also has BSSC love on it as I got this fabric in a swap at the last meeting! Which means I haven’t a clue what the fabric content is. It was a breeze to sew up. Look at those pockets! Super neat and matching!

Another Grainline winner!

Red! Hot! Archer!


37 thoughts on “Red! Hot! Archer!

  1. Great top! And I love the tying idea. This color is perfect on you, too. No sleeves makes it nice for summer. 🙂

  2. ooh looks amazing! You’re right, it looks so cool tied up like that. I love the colour and it looks great on you! I’d love me some help with tracing, and with cutting and sellotaping PDF patterns, maybe you could sell that to your son as a puzzle?!

    • Thanks, Jodi!! A little child labor is great to have on hand! I consider it a fair trade for all the laundry and meals they get in exchange ;o)

  3. This is my favorite Archer. It is so perfect.

    I’m taking waaaaay too long on my own Archer and now want to scrap it for a sleeveless version. Or just do both? I should do both.

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