MMM.D31 :: C’est Fini!!!

Kicking it in my usual suspects for the last day of Me Made May!!!
Denim : Black : White
Perfect way to end it all!!

MMM.D31 :: C'est Fini!!

Top :: Scout Woven Tee
Skirt :: Modified pencil skirt
Belt :: F21
Sandals :: Payless

MMM.D31 :: C'est Fini!!

MMM.D31 :: C'est Fini!!

MMM.D31 :: C'est Fini!!

Dudes, I am so glad this month is over!!! I have really (REALLY) enjoyed wearing so many handmade goodies. BUT it was a little stressful with the sucky weather we’ve had here in Brooklyn.

As you can see from the (artificial) brightness of this pic, today was another scorcher 😉

MMM.D31 :: C'est Fini!!

I’d like to thank my little daughter (and Picmonkey Lomo & Focal Zoom effects) for the pictures!! Can you believe a six year-old got that jump shot on the first try!! My oldest son snapped the last one. Much like yesterday’s post. They probably think its completely normal to make your own clothes and then take silly pictures in them, lol

Love my kiddies!!

You can see all of my Me Made May looks by clicking the pic, below!

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 7.42.59 PMI only missed photographing a few days. Overall, not too bad for a first round!


8 thoughts on “MMM.D31 :: C’est Fini!!!

  1. I love it! Your kids did an awesome job taking the photos. I have tried having my kids take my pic and there usually ends up being something more interesting than me in the pic, like a dog or a butterfly.

    • Thank you!!! I am lucky that my children love to help me and are actually very good at it! Though, I did increase my odds of getting some usable pics by having four of them ;o)

  2. Wait- it’s not normal to make you own clothes and take silly pictures of them? Your me made may was awesome. I was living vicariously. Love that last vintage dress you made.

  3. Your kids are great at taking photos, and it’s so cool that they’re growing up thinking creating and making, rather than just consuming, is the norm! I’ve loved seeing all your outfits and agree with Liza, that last vintage dress was gorgeous!

    • Thank you, Kathryn!! They are all pretty creative. I do have fantasies of them growing up as thrift shopping, sewers ;o)

      Thanks for coming by and commenting!

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