Sewing Conundrum…..

So. When I read this post by Liz, I admit, I thought she might be over reacting just a little bit.

Well, now I find myself in quite the same sitch…and I’m feeling some kinda way. You see, at the BurdaStyle Sewing Club meetup, Lee donated the remainder of the fabric she used for this super awesome Pavot.

Which, trust me, is EVEN MORE awesome in person. So you see my dilemma, right? I want to make the exact same thing. And I feel so conflicted about it! That’s what I get for thinking Liz was making a mountain out of a fabric hill! I’m actually worse than Liz. I live in the same city as Lee so we have a massive chance of showing up the same place looking like I Single White Female’d her….

To avoid that, I’ve come up with these alternatives. All of which I already own. Unlike, Pavot.

What do you think?

Gertie made a really cool version of this.

Sewaholic Minoru

I could choose any one from the roughly 800 Minoru jackets online and find a great example.

Colette Anise

I’m more iffy about this one. I’ve already traced a size that I know is too big. I’m not keen to retrace.

By Hand London VictoriaOr this lovely lady. Which the fabric might be too heavy for.

So whaddya think?


17 thoughts on “Sewing Conundrum…..

  1. Mountain out of a “fabric hill” ehh?! heh

    If you want to make the Pavot jacket, I say go for it. Could you put your own twist on it? Say contrast waistband-placket-collar or perhaps some piping? It’s a really sweet coat and if that’s what you’re itching to make, I think you should.

    I’d having such a fun time stitching up my (look-alike) picnic dress. Nothing beats having the motivation of a project you love; makes sewing tons of fun. I just fear that if you pick a different pattern (one that you love less than Pavot) you may not be as happy in the end.

    • Teehee, you’re a good sport, Liz!! I’ve obviously learned my judgmental lesson ;o) 

      I am SO leaning toward, Pavot! Am I that transparent, lol

      I have some fabric coming to me that might take Lee’s out of the running. So I might avoid the Bobbsey twin look, after all!


  2. My mother always said initiation is the highest form of flattery – provided you are courteous and credit it I say go for it. Some fabrics know exactly what they should become – it’s criminal to do anything else with them!

  3. Do the Pavot!

    Or a Minoru. But only because I need as much Minoru inspiration as possible, so that’s probably quite a selfish piece of advice.

    But seriously, Lee is super cool — it’d be tough to pick someone more awesome to match with, amirite? 😉

  4. This is a tough one!! I have to admit, my favorite is the Pavot! Is that bad…? I mean, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that…
    But my second choice would be a Minoru. I’ve loved pretty much every Minoru I’ve ever seen made, and I get the feeling that everyone who’s ever made one loves their Minoru too.

  5. The Victoria is SO easy and quick (I’m making a sleeveless version and it’s coming together so fast) which is fun. Otherwise I’m keen on the Burda. The MInoru was always a little too sporty for me – but Sewaholic has that other great jacket pattern with the peplum at the waist that I haven’t made yet…

  6. I say go with your original plan but I’m not one to care if I’m wearing the same thing as someone else. In fact I encourage my friends to buy the same thing I have if they like it (or to have me make them one)!

  7. Hmmm, think it depends on whether you want to go more dressy or more casual. On the more casual end, I’m in love with the Minoru. I do like the Colette Anise for more dressy, and I LOVE the By Hand packaging, although have never sewn anything by them and don’t think i’ve ever seen that one sewn up, so not sure about it.

  8. Ooooh, make the Pavot! Although I have to admit that I want to see ALL FOUR jackets on you! If you decide to make the Minoru jacket, make me make one with you! I’ve been meaning to do it for ages, and if I start it soon, maybe it will actually be ready to wear by the time fall weather approaches! But seriously, these will all look cute on you (and you should totally retrace your Anise pattern!). But wait a minute– can’t you bribe one of your kids to carefully trace your patterns? Sounds like a perfect job for your oldest! 😉

  9. I vote the Burda. Use the stuff you have and leave the ‘wants’ for later-I’ve bought fabric maybe twice this year and no patterns. I don’t feel although I’ve missed out at all. =D

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