60s via ’13

1960s via 2013


1960s via 2013
I used the last of this origami bird/weird crown/small-ish white print fabric on this dress about 2 weeks ago, but it only made its debut today! I made a skirt with this fabric, last summer.

I was having a great time (NOT) trying to match patterns with off cuts and short yardages of fabric. Fun times….I was super psyched when I found a match.

1960s via 2013

Sandals :: Madden Girl
Belt :: F21
Dress :: Handmade
using vintage 60s pattern (Simplicity 4298) from the haul of a lifetime

1960s via 2013

This is essentially a (wearable, obviously) muslin. The bodice is a bit roomy in the chest, but still totally passable, in my opinion. I have a few go-to skirt patterns, I really want to get a good go-to bodice in my TNT pattern house. I’m pretty close with this one. I added an inch, but in the wrong place. Not the first time I’ve made this error. I’m trying to decide which fabric to use for version 2.

1960s via 2013

This fabric is cute, but quite unforgiving. It shows pin/needle holes and it tore in two (small) places on try #1000 of inserting the zipper. It was late and I should have left it for another day. Lesson learned. A little fusible interfacing and some strategic fabric marker application and it was alright in the end.

Just look how happy I was!

1960s via 2013

This was before I started sweating like crazy. It was HOTTTTT today! And this fabric left none of the evidence to the imagination….at least it dried quickly. Ahem. 😉

Last day of Me Made May, tomorrow!!! Should I make something new to wear???

Thanks so much for your feedback on being a copycat! You guys sure know how to make a girl feel better!

Also: PAVOT is totally sold out!! Sacré Bleu, lol

Do you think Lee got wind of my plans?


15 thoughts on “60s via ’13

  1. Ha! I AM flattered! I suspected you were scoping out Pavot when you asked me about what size I made. I don’t mind at all if you go ahead and make it once it’s back in stock. But thanks for sort of being worried about it! I love your how your 60s dress turned out, by the way.

    • I guess I was pretty transparent ;o) I always tell people I’m a terrible liar and a worse sneak, lol

      I think you’re safe for the moment….that fabric too heavy to even LOOK at right now!! Let alone sew with it!

      Thanks for being such a good sport!


  2. Your right this is a very great wearable muslin! But I wouldn’t even tell anyone that because it’s lovely! I’m sure your next rendition will be perfect. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. I think this dress looks great! I always make the most mistakes late at night…I hope you get the Pavot pattern, looks like it will be back in stock soon. I am a big old copy-catter, and I encourage this behavior in others, haha.

  4. The dress looks great, as does your owl! I’m so into that owl, hope it’s not weirding you out, hah! Even though the fabric may have been a pain it looks great and I have to say, I love a roomy bodice on a hot day. You should see the oversized sack I was wearing today!

  5. Gorgeous blue dress!! I love how classic it is! Finding a TNT bodice pattern is something I’d like to work on, too. It just seems like it would be a huge help! Also – oh no Pavot!! Ah well, it’s a sign from the gods…

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