MMM.D14 :: Wool in May

It’s May, and I wore a wool dress, today. Comfortably.

MMM.D14 :: Wool in May

Dress :: Simplicity 8498
Tee :: Lydia Tee
Cardigan :: Target
Tights :: H&M
Shoes :: H&M

MMM.D14 :: Wool in May

I’m glad I wore this today. I nearly cut out another one last night. Wearing it today reminded me that the neckline is too high. I’m pleased with everything else, except the facings which will be replaced with bias tape. I’m a convert.

Apropos of nothing, I had angel hair pasta with meat sauce for lunch 😮

I kid. This pic shows the dress well.

MMM.D14 :: Wool in May

 Dotty tights! LOVE! Just be glad I shaved my legs before donning them. Sasquatch ain’t got nothing on me, lol

MMM.D14 :: Wool in May

Also, looking at these pics, I wonder if this dress is too short?? It doesn’t feel like it while wearing it…


6 thoughts on “MMM.D14 :: Wool in May

  1. Totally not too short! I always think you can go shorter when you’re going to wear tights, so it looks like a normal length to me! Also, polka dotty tights are super cute. 🙂

  2. I don’t think it’s too short, either. Especially if it doesn’t feel so when wearing it… That’s the real test, because everyone’s thighs are a different length. Lovely dress, and I looooove the dotted tights too. 😀

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