I haven’t fallen off the MMMay wagon! I’ve just been slammed with…things.

SO many things to do this week!

Wore my Scout/Roxanne Mash-up on Tuesday. The Nani Iro fabric and gray shoes coordinated well with my still bandaged arm. This was the longest day EVER, which accounts for the tired looking pics and the missing earrings.
MMM.D7 :: Hey, Nani, Nani
I had a meeting with some fellow parents early in the AM, then went to have my tattoo finished, then picked up the kids, dropped them off and went to work. I was so tired I bit the dust in the train station on the way home. I wasn’t hurt (much) and I was way too tired to be embarrassed.

MMM.D7 :: Hey, Nani, Nani

Top :: Grainline Scout body, Victory Patterns Roxanne collar
Jeans :: Old Navy
Shoes :: Payless

Went on a little go-see about a part-time job this day. Archer was just the thing to wear. A lot of little things have been falling together, lately. So happy!

MMM.D8 :: Arch(er) into It

Also, it rained BUCKETS this day! I was still wet from the knee down when I snapped these!

MMM.D8 :: Arch(er) into It

Top :: Archer
Jeans :: F21
Shoes :: H&M

This is a cheat day. This week had me beat! But, the tee is from Etsy, and everything else is a million years old. So, I’ll count it ;o)

MMM.D9 :: Pride & Prejudice and not really Me Made

Denim shirt :: Gap (2,000 years old)
Tee :: Brookish via Etsy
Tank :: Old Navy
Jeans :: Old Navy
Finished Tattoo :: Jeremy Sutton @Three Kings Tattoo

MMM.D9 :: Pride & Prejudice and not really Me Made

MMM.D9 :: Pride & Prejudice and not really Me Made

I also wore me made, today. But as I am still wiped out (partially from some failed sewing done late last night) I will end here and show you all, tomorrow.

Hope your weekend is going well!


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