Wordless Wednesday :: Good Mail Day

Good #mail day. #Etsy #shopping for #fabric @etsy

Good #mail day. #Etsy #shopping for #fabric @etsy #pretty #packaging

Good #mail day. #Etsy #shopping for #fabric @etsy #pretty #packaging containing #Frida #Kahlo awesomeness!!! #art #artist #legend #shero

Frida’s Garden, Alexander Henry via Crafty Kathleen


19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday :: Good Mail Day

  1. What a lovely fabric, Nettie! What do you plan to make with it?
    p/s: I really love how you edit your photos. How do you make them all the same size when posting? I hated that mine isn’t uniform. I don’t know how others do it. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Far! I’ve had this fabric in my Etsy favorites for so long.

      I usually pull my photos from Flickr. The files are all the same size because the code makes them all the same size. These were taken from Instagram, which makes them all equal in size, too.

  2. I have some word for…. HOLY F*CKING COW. That fabric…….. I’m dyinggggggggg. Personal hero. I have a white dress of hers I want to recreate this summer….

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