MMM.D2 :: More BW&D + Knitting

OK. Day two found me in a much better mood, though not much more rested, than day one. I go through rough sleeping periods and apparently I’m in one. I can’t complain. So many other areas are super awesome right now. I’ll sleep in late Saturday. If I don’t get up to sew, instead.

Today, I ended up in another black, white and denim combo.
MMM.D2 :: Different Black, White & Denim

Maybe I need to make some more colorful tops and skirts.
The two blue skirt I’m getting ready to cut out won’t help, lol.
MMM.D2 :: Different Black, White & Denim

MMM.D2 :: Different Black, White & Denim

MMM.D2 :: Different Black, White & Denim

The amount of black, white and navy blue in my stash isn’t too promising, either.
I did get this awesome penguin fabric in a recent order.

With more white, black and blue fabric. Ahem….I did have on a yellow cardigan for part of the day. That should count!

Speaking of knits, even though I made a promise (to myself) to forgo buying knitting patterns (I have tons of books and mags and not much knitting time), I just bought one.


This is Dimbala. I love the look of vintage sweaters of this style, but I am not in the mood to decipher and reconfigure a vintage knitting pattern. I don’t have the time, either. I just want to knit. I have a couple of yarn choices, but the perfect one is wool. Not happening in May, so a cotton blend will have to do.

I’m hope joining this knit along will have the same magic affect as the one for Archer.

Till next time, peeps.

Top :: Black & White at The Night Circus Refashioned Lydia
Skirt :: Mini By Hand London Charlotte
Tights :: F21
Shoes :: H&M


6 thoughts on “MMM.D2 :: More BW&D + Knitting

  1. Look at those penguins, too cute!!! I totally have a bunch of navy, black and gray in my stash as well, but I’ve been trying to branch out with some more color lately. Love your outfit, it looks great!

  2. That’s a great sweater pattern! I’m trying to choose my next sweater and really dithering… and I’m ALSO having rough sleep. Lately I can’t fall or stay asleep and have been getting way less than the seven hours I need to function.

  3. Haha… I saw those penguins when I was browsing a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited… then I remembered I’m on a shopping ban and can’t wear yellow anyway. Can’t wait to see what you do with them.

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