MMM.D1 :: This Time I’m Sure!!

Hello, all!!! I hope you enjoyed my blunder!! If you have no clue what I’m talking about…well sorry you’re left out of the joke 😉

TODAY, you know, NOT yesterday, is my first official day of

And I am wearing a brand new make in honor of the occasion!
The MMM13 Scout

The MMM13 Scout

The MMM13 Scout

The MMM13 Scout

I made this Scout late last night/early this morning when I couldn’t sleep. If only all of my sleepless nights yielded such results. (You can add conquering bias tape hatred to the list of 2013 sewing accomplishments.) I was hit with a bout of insomnia (more like, an inability to sleep because my mind was racing to all of my sad/angry places) and figured I’d better make good use of the time.

Scout only took one hour to make. Which I know thanks to Instagram time stamps. I also whipped up a Tiny Pocket Tank, last night. I snapped a pic and posted it and then immediately got started on this one. I posted the finished top 1 hour later. These two items used almost all (after lots of adjusting and improvising) of the remnants of my Darling Ranges Dress. Which is pretty awesome.

The MMM13 Scout

I didn’t really have a destination, other than school drop off and pick up, until my sis asked for help bringing her artwork home from school. This was nearly my only me made look for the day. As much as I wanted to rock head-to-toe me made, today was not a bare leg day and I was in no mood to futz with stockings.

No worries, I still have lots of May left
And I’d better use at least part of it to make some pants!

The MMM13 Scout
Coat :: Steve Madden
Top :: Handmade using Grainline’s Scout pattern
Pants :: H&M
Shoes :: Old Navy
Purse :: Express


7 thoughts on “MMM.D1 :: This Time I’m Sure!!

  1. You and I were at the same party. Super excited yesterday about my MMM outfit and did not realize until right before I left to go home from work that it was still April.
    I do hope to conquer self-made bias tape one day, but right now… Not a fan.

  2. Nothing about having a practice run! I wore Me Made yesterday as well – I put on (without a thought) some lovely clothes that I felt comfortable in and looked good. Today I must have had a about half a dozen clothing changes before I was satisfied. Oh, the pressure!!

    Very cute ‘Scout’!

  3. Sewing when you can’t sleep is a great idea. I usually just lay there and get more and more pissed as the time goes on…I should totally just get up and knit. I also love your top! It looks like a great basic that you’ll wear ALL the time.

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