Archer Hits The MARK!!

Archer Hits the MARK!!

Archer Hits the MARK!!

Archer Hits The MARK!!!

Can you even believe I made this!!! Jen, you are a talented, talented woman!! Without the sew along posts I would NEVER have had such success with this project!!! Making Archer has taught me SOOOO much!!

The biggest lesson:
If it’s not quite right, rip it out and do it again! And again, if necessary

I really hate to do things more than once. But to get the result I wanted, it was absolutely necessary rip out and try again. Several times. And that’s fine.

The collar went smoother than I thought it would and the cuff was dead easy!! The process also forced me to get over my fear of buttonholes and buttons!!! The four step one on my Janome is so much easier than the automatic one!! I love that I control the length, these would have been too small otherwise. I also tried the buttonhole foot from my broken machine and it worked!! All of this adds up to me feeling seriously anxious tackle my next shirt!

Or at least project with buttons, lol.

Archer Hits the MARK!!

I’m pretty pleased with the fit, though I could probably go a size down and be just fine. I have a narrow torso that’s swallowed up a bit. I don’t mind with this style of shirt, though. I am loving the sleeve length!! I have long arms, coupled with my smaller upper body = button down shirt sucky fit.

Archer Hits the MARK!!

Archer Hits the MARK!!

But not with handmade!!!

Here’s the rest of my outfit.

Archer Hits the MARK!!

Coat :: Steve Madden
Sweater :: Sean John (menswear)
Scarf :: Thrifted
Chambray Shirt :: HANDMADE BABY!!
Shorts :: Thrifted & Refashioned Kenneth Cole (Menswear) Trousers
Shoes :: H&M

This is also the first time I’ve worn my hair down like this since I cut it nearly three years ago. Progress!!

Archer Hits the MARK!!



And here are some indoor pics of Archer.

Just because!!

Archer Hits the MARK!!

Archer Hits the MARK!!

Archer Hits the MARK!!

Archer Hits the MARK!!

Thanks to Rose de Wolfe for modeling!! And thanks to Oona for the sweet deal on her!!

Archer Hits the MARK!!


41 thoughts on “Archer Hits The MARK!!

  1. Your archer is awesome and in chambray, the fabric we all want! I’m making the Archer as soon as I stash bust a little. I’ll have to go through the sewalong for the Archer, too, since it sounds like it’s really good.

  2. It’s beautiful! All the hard work paid off; it’s perfect. Great job with the buttonholes. Hopefully, we’ll see many more projects with buttonholes now. πŸ™‚ I hate having to take things apart over and over, too. But, like you, I finally learned that if I want something I’m going to wear, I’ve got to be willing to put in the time.

  3. it’s great – i am not sure the pattern would be for me, but i love the attitude and spirit of yours, plus your fab styling. i also LOVE your hair down, which i am not sure i have ever seen. great job!

  4. This looks great! I am about halfway done with a chambray Archer, but now I am wishing I would have added the back ruffle…definitely next time! I am a little scared of all those buttonholes, but seeing this makes me want to power through πŸ™‚

  5. Your Archer looks so great. And very very nicely finished. I do think I like the version with the flounce at the back, gives it a bit more femininity. Bet you will get lots of wear out of this one!

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