Archer Progress

After a fun filled night of vomiting kiddies, the same two as last time, and some puke-y feelings of my own, I think, I hesitate to say, we’re all OK. I’m actually writing this so late because I’m afraid to lay down and wake up to the sound of someone retching. Like I did at about 3AM (the girl). And again at 6 (the boy, for round two. One was IN his bed).

Last night, I killed time listening to the funky long(-ish, according to the comments on YouTube, there’s a 17 minute version!) cut of Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (Kill Bill was on earlier that day) and tonight, I worked on Archer. I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself! It has come together, to this point, pretty mostly painlessly!


However, it is a tiny bit….roomy. I was aiming for slightly too large, rather than slightly too small. I know that the back of anything I make should be smaller than the front, but I was confuzzled about how to adjust that and keep the armholes and bottom ruffle in tact. I think you’ll agree, the ruffle bit looks pretty good.IMG_6267

Btw, I put on these pants to save you (and the internet) from pictures of me in tattered, red long johns.

You’re welcome.


Tucked in a bit it has more shape, but the armhole would be too low.  Also, is it too plain without the pockets??

I thought I could I take out that room the same way I would do with a refashioned project.  IMG_6272

I tried removing just a bit.


Can you see a slight difference between the left and right side?


I took it in on the right.


I’m not fussed either way. This is not meant to be a fitted top. And I actually have days when I want to wear something that fits exactly like this. I just don’t want it to look sloppy. You, know.

What do you think?

Add the pockets?

Take in both sides?

Let it back out and leave it as it is?


14 thoughts on “Archer Progress

  1. Another vote for taking it in, the back hangs much better on the side where you have already taken it in.

    Hope the kids are better and you manage to get some uninterupted sleep!

  2. Looking good! I think the pockets are one of the best features of this pattern (maybe because I love putting pockets on). I made mine up as is and found it really comfortable without feeling like a man’s shirt so my vote would be the left side. PS the thread choice looks good too.

  3. I’d take it in a smidge. I intend to with my next Archer. Its is sized a little looser fitting. I went for one pocket and liked it much better than with two. Maybe thats an option? x

  4. Looking good! Add my voice to the chorus of taking the other side in to match the right. In bed is the worst. Speedy recovery and may the bug be gone.

  5. I say take in the sides and add the pockets! Or maybe just one pocket? Dunno… pockets are fun, though. Hope all are feeling better over there. Family stomach bugs are the WORST!!

  6. with just a smidge taken in the roominess appears more comfy, less frumpy. love the peplum in the back and so wish i could wrap my head around clothing construction. this is a purty top!

  7. I have no sewing advice, unfortunately….but I think it looks great so far! The ruffle part in back is awesome! Great fabric, too. I would LIVE in that shirt.

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