Archer Sew Along Progress

Grainline Studio | Archer Sew Along | Starts March 18th

I am so impressed with myself!! I am actually, actively following the Archer sew along!! LOL I’m hoping that with Jen’s guidance and the slow pace of the progress, I will have a truly wearable and well finished garment!

Following along has already been sewing-life changing. I followed Jen’s trace method, shown here on Archer Sew Along Day 2. I have NEVER had such precise pattern pieces before! Things always shift around a bit when using copy paper patterns, I was all set to trace off a size, but I thought I’d go ahead and cut the pattern after I used another shirt to help me choose the right size. Tracing the pieces was fast and really, really effective. I’m so glad I tuned back in to the sew along posts.

I followed all of the tips for checking the grainline and using weights and pins to with help tracing. Check out my fancy tools ;o)

You’ll also notice that I traced and cut the pattern on my dining room table. This is only the second time I’ve done this. Just like the first time I was immediately hit with an UH DUH! feeling. This is SO much easier on your body! I’ve caught up to the last Archer post, button bands, but I’m stumped on thread color choice. The fabric was listed as Lightweight Chambray Denim Dusty Blue on, though it looks black to me.

What do you think??

I had a bit of a sewing machine scare last night. I was skimming a few centimeters off the side seams (basically adjusting them to the recommended seam allowance) of my mini Charlotte (the fit is much better) when things went KLUNK. I jumped on twitter to gripe about my #Sewcialist #FirstWorldProblem before a true attempt to fix it was made. After putting things in back asswards, grabbing the manual to do it right and a frantic (unnecessary) search for another machine needle, I figured it out.



10 thoughts on “Archer Sew Along Progress

  1. I just finished my button bands for the sew along too. I think the navy thread blends the best, but personally I prefer the contrast of the white. šŸ™‚

  2. I vote for the navy thread (left-most in the picture). The white contrast is nice, but I think it might look dated faster? Thanks for linking to the sewalong tips; I’m excited to see your result!

  3. So I was just getting caught up here on Sown Brooklyn, and I have had two major “ah-ha” moments. First, you’ve mentioned “swayback adjustments” before, but I finally looked it up……and now I know why all my hand-made skirts are shorter in the back than the front!! Definitely going to figure out how to do that adjustment the next time I sew a skirt. Also, why have I not been cutting out patterns on my table?! Thank you so much! šŸ™‚

    • That swayback adjustment is a life saver! Clothes are ALWAYS too big right at that spot when I buy them in stores.

      And my back thanked me for using the table. Now that I think about it, I should probably assemble patterns there instead of the floor, too.

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