Charlotte in Miniature

Charlotte in Miniature

Wearing Handmade!!
Top :: Colette Pattern’s Sencha in Rayon Challis
Skirt :: By Hand London’s Charlotte (miniaturized) in Stretch Denim
Cardigan :: H&M
Oxfords :: H&M
Bow Belt (which I removed) :: Forever21

I’m also wearing my anniversary (it was Monday) presents. Earrings to replace the previous anni pair (I lost one last year and was CRUSHED) and a charm bracelet. I have a nice hubby ;o)

Charlotte in Miniature

This mini Charlotte was made up using a large-ish scrap of denim leftover from my Janice skirt. I didn’t have enough for a waistband, and it was already dangerously short, so I finished both waistline and hem with twill(??) tape! DEAD easy and FAST! And FREE!! As both lengths were useless “belts” that came with kid pants. And LOOK at how neat it is!! And on my Wolf dress form!! Proper intro to come ;o)


I’m psyched to have used up the last of that yardage and another denim skirt in my wardrobe is always a good thing. I’m glad I gave Charlotte a test run first, I clearly can’t skip making a swayback adjustment on a fitted garment. Even though I layered my TNT skirt pattern over the traced Charlotte pieces, the difference in shape made it hard to tell if I could get a similar fit.

Charlotte in Miniature

This is def shorter than I usually wear, at least outside of summertime, but I think it works with the dark tights and flats.

Charlotte in Miniature

I would also like to address that excess fabric in the front, just below the darts. I think I might need to make my skirt front slightly smaller than the back. Though, it’s also possible that I could have made the entire skirt a bit smaller. I was really…conservative with the seam allowance because I was worried it would be too small. I could definitely go back and trim some off of the sides a bit.


Overall, I LOVE IT! And I’m so glad to be back in the sewing saddle. With my Super Heroine Dare complete and this stylish basic, I’m all jazzed to sew up something else! Good thing I already have Archer cut and ready to go!

Charlotte in Miniature


20 thoughts on “Charlotte in Miniature

  1. Very nice outfit! Question about the skirt: When you added the twill tape, did you just overlock it on without hemming to avoid shortening the skirt? Or how did you add it?

  2. looks great! I love the shot of your side seams, I feel like mine always turn out that way and then belatedly I realize I can probably give the garment more shaping and surprise! it still works. The benefit of this “hindsight method” is that your seams are already finished so if it doesn’t actually work out, it’s ok.

    • It was a very lucky arrangement! I sometimes serge the side seams separately which can make changing them a little messier. This way worked so well! The seams still look good but I was able to take it in some.

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