Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Sewing Dares

I was issued a dare, to make an outfit inspired by a drawing done by one of my children. I accepted the dare. And upped the ante, I would make a Super Heroine outfit!


And now it is DONE!

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Banana Republic Belt :: Thrifted $3.59
Banana Republic Boots :: Freecycled

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

Engaging in dare based sewing taught me something, I like my creativity stipulation free, lol. I enjoyed making this (out of a mostly cotton/bit of poly bed sheet from Materials for the Arts) and decided to make it two pieces, rather than a dress. I opted out of a straight up split as I’d like to get some more wear out of the skirt portion of this look.

Stay tuned for its everyday styling!

Overall, it was a great experience. My daughter got a kick out of me wearing something so closely related to a drawing of hers. I’ve wanted a skirt like this for a while and now I have one. And, most importantly, though I do not like to have my creatively limited or my projects dictated, I DO LOVE to engage with the #Sewcialist community and will take as many chances to do so as I can!!


49 thoughts on “Mission {Sewing Dare} ACCOMPLISHED!

  1. Oh wow! I love your dress! or skirt and top, i guess it is. What a great job you did. Not only does it look fabulous but what a special thing to have, a dress based on a lovely drawing by your daughter :).

  2. So cool! I agree that it is a really sophisticated look based off your daughter’s drawing. I think it was really smart to make it two pieces. You’ll get lots of use out of wearing each piece separately. I love it!

  3. You look stunning! I totally get you on not enjoying your creative time to be dictated – I’m the same way – but, seriously, you look HOT! Your daughter’s got good super hero taste! So smart of you to make it in pieces so you can get some wear out of it in the future, though I hope you find some occasion when the weather is warmer to wear it together, just ’cause it looks so darn good!

    • Thanks, Sallie!! I felt pretty awesome wearing it!! And it was so cool to see her drawing come to life! Maybe we’ll collaborate on a series of dolls ;o)

  4. BLAM! KAPOW! Superhero(ine) dress! I’m glad you still went with a touch of blue in the bracelet, rather than opting for the blue dots all over. Although that would be quite the look too…. πŸ™‚

  5. Nette, this is my favorite dress to date. You look hot! And I can’t believe your daughter dreamed this up. You have a future fashion designer in your household.

    • Thanks, Maddie!! Her first career choice was fashion designer, but now comics have taken over the house. I proposed costume design as a way to combine them!!

  6. Ummm, this might be my favorite thing you’ve sewn. (And I think I keep saying that.) First of all, it’s gorgeous, and it suits you so well!! Secondly, you made it out of a BED SHEET?! Thirdly, how cool is it that it’s from your daughter’s artwork!? You rock, seriously.

  7. That’s absolutely gorgeous! Way to go- can’t help but think of sci-fi stuff (especially the glamour of early Star Trek’s wardrobe), but it’s not geeky at all- fab job!

  8. YAAAAAAAAY! You did it! And you look amazing in it! I’ve been feeling guilty that you got such a tough dare… but I’m really impressed with what you came up with. Wow! I’ve updated you on the list of Sewing Dares – You are officially free to sew whatever the hell you want! πŸ™‚

  9. Now that was a dare! I wonder what one of my daughters would dream up for me! Yours is most definitely very artistic… love the dress. You look amazing in it.. and a bed sheet? WOW! ~Laurie

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