Doe, a Deer, a Little Mood Deer

First, let me tell you a story…

This post comes after a day of consoling my oldest son about the, rather abrupt and shocking, death of a pet. Don’t be alarmed. It was not a well loved dog or cat, but Herman, the hermit crab who’d just come home with us on Sunday. Not only did he climb OUT of his shell, he also (because he was really small) climbed OUT between the bars of the cage and somehow got over to the middle of the hallway were he was….squished.

I shit you not.

My husband and I exchanged a lot of incredulous looks about the odds of something like this happening and worried looks about our kids’ reactions to this really bizarre event. But with a promise to replace him (and an additional promise to let my son keep his empty shell AWWWW) they were OK. So, we took a rainy walk to the pet store after school and brought home a new crabby friend.

Story over.

NOW, you wanna know about that Mood (MOOOOOOOD) fabric, amirite??!?

In the MOOD for Fabric

Silk/Cotton!! With deer!! Are you dying?! Lie to me if you aren’t.

The print is super sheer, look how my hand shows up below it.

In the MOOD for Fabric

This next one shows it layered with the striped one, which is how I plan to use them. It’s also silk/cotton, which will make whatever project they become the most expensive one I’ve ever made.

In the MOOD for Fabric

Let’s talk about this Cotton/Lycra blend, shall we. Isn’t it fucking awesome!! I can’t decide which side I like best.

In the MOOD for Fabric

It absolutely BEGS to be made into something that utilizes both sides. Something with a princess seamed bodice, yes? It needs to be fabulous so I’ll stop feeling bad about the beautiful Mood employee who nearly threw her back out wrestling the bolt off of the rack.

In the MOOD for Fabric

In the MOOD for Fabric

I didn’t do nearly, not even CLOSE to, the damage that some other meet-up members did. But for my first time shopping with the big dogs, I think I did OK, lol


33 thoughts on “Doe, a Deer, a Little Mood Deer

  1. Ok, I had a pet hermit crab named Herman when I was a kid. My dad built a giant chicken wire cage for him. Several weeks into owning him, he clamped himself on to the side of the cage and didn’t move. My dad told me he was probably hibernating and I believed him. THREE MONTHS LATER we investigated a little further and discovered he was dead… and had probably been dead for three months, living in my bedroom. Ha! I still cried. We pried him off the side of the cage and had a proper burial outside.

    Pretty fabrics! I especially like the two you are planning on layering.

    • We had ANOTHER ONE ESCAPE!! I caught it before it got squished, but it wouldn’t go back into its shell and it died 😦

      No more pets for the Clyde’s, I think.

      Just fabric ;o)

  2. I’m dying, not lying.I love cotton/silk. Still trying to choke down the jealous lump in my throat I get whenever i think about that summit of sewist goodness but I’m dealing. And omg, the squishing. So traumatizing!

    • You must come to NYC!!! We would organize a mini parade down 37th in your honor ;o)

      The squishing was almost repeated with another one. I am ruined for pets, now.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics!! That sweet deer print! And omigod that graphic one!! Winners! I have to admit that I definitely got a laugh out of that hermit crab story – if only because it reminded me of my family’s own history with hermit crab deaths. Oh hermit crabs… I hope the tiny crab sized hole in your son’s heart is mending nicely with his new crabby friend. And may the new crab live a long and happy life by hermit crab standards!

  4. ! What great choices! Can’t wait to see what you make! Sorry to hear about the hermit crab, but it’s kind of nice to hear real life stories. And good to know I’m not the only one that has accidents like that! 🙂

    • Oh, my real life stories are always full of hijinx!! LOL I am really looking forward to using this fabric! But also terrified. I’m sure you know how that is!

  5. You did good with the fabric choices! And the moral of the pet story is that sometimes you should just stay home instead f venturing out into the big wild world…

  6. I was so sad I didn’t get to see more of you! Whatever happened with the coat project? I think I saw that deer fabric at mood, but there were SO MANY FABRICS. Wowee!

    • Me, too! I had to run off to attend a baby shower that was hardly worth the effort in the long run ;(

      The coat project got put on hold. I was tricked by the nice weather that arrived and thought I’d have to wait until the fall to wear it. Turns out, it is FREEZING this week!

  7. OHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m so sorry about poor Herman’s demise! But I guess every kid goes through at least one traumatic pet death. 😦 I’ll never forget the time my little sister’s rabbit died and my dad tried to replace it… with a different-colored rabbit.

    But yeah. THAT FABRIC. I love it! Can’t wait to see it on ya!

      • If it makes you feel any better, my mom later gave away my cats without telling me, later claiming that my sister was allergic (this would be the sister that now has a Siamese). I think my dad just didn’t wanna deal with the drama of crying little kids!

  8. We too had a hermit crab when my son was little- and he disappeared. We found him under the bed- dead- weeks later… Quite the trauma! I cannot IMAGINE a squished Hermie! –

    The fabric is most awesome! For reals! ~Laurie

  9. I have seen this fabric before on Paunnet’s blog- she got it in LA or something at a by the pound place in a similar color and a turquoise. I have loved it ever since! So when I saw it here and that it was recent, I e-mailed Mood and ordered 2 yards- Yay!! Pretty cool 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you make with it!

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