Charlotte Ginger Archer

Hey, all!

I was home with a sick kiddie today, he might be home again tomorrow by the look of him :(. I wanted to sew. Really, I did. I’ve been wanting to. But it just ain’t happening! So, I picked up a few indie patterns instead.

Ginger :: Ohhh Lulu
I’ve wanted this pattern for so long. But I convinced myself that I wanted, no, needed a super-duper for real bra pattern. Well, I haven’t cracked it open yet. And I probably won’t. Look for a giveaway on it at some point.

This one is so versatile. I think I’ll start with the actual body suit version as I have quite a few tops that need something cami-esque to wear underneath and I only have tank tops…this version from Ms. Ohh Lulu herself is what tipped me over the Buy Now edge.

Archer :: Grainline Studios
Obviously, Jen from Grainline is a sweetheart and super talented to boot. So, of course I wanted this pattern!! I have Colette’s Negroni pattern, and totally plan to make myself a version, but the sweet ruffle on this one was too much to resist.

There are so many elegant versions of this pattern out there! And who wouldn’t want to see that sweet packaging in person! I’m really looking forward to making this skirt. Even though I’ve been having some body issues lately…I think I waver between embracing my pear shape and feeling self conscious about it. This past week was a self conscious one. I have definitely gained a bit of weight and there are a few things that don’t quite fit the same. I think a few new, well fitted items are needed to get me over the hump.

I still want that SIMPLE jacket. And I need to get to work on an anniversary present (8 years coming up!!) for my hubby. I think I need to put on Lebowski and just DO IT!

Have you done any pattern stash enhancing, lately? Gut punched your sewing mojo to kick-start it?

Please share!


10 thoughts on “Charlotte Ginger Archer

  1. I was seriously feeling like everything I wanted to make would take me forever and then bam! I got two tops done in a couple of days. They’re knits and I’ve used the pattern before so I’m guessing I should keep more knits in the house and re-use my patterns, which I don’t tend to do.

    I have the OhhhLulu high waist underwear pattern. I loove that pattern.

  2. Poor wee mite- I hope the plague passes by quickly!
    Let’s talk patterns- there are some super fab ones happening here. Archer is so good- it makes me want a comfy dude style shirt. Give in to it and sewwwwwwwwwwwwww 😉

  3. I stash enriched last week with a BMV sale buy – including Gertie’s new dress. Tonight I just got got a 1960s vintage jacket pattern.
    I’ve been distracted by sewalongs lately but I really want to make more jackets. The Fashion Star 6611 just whetted my appetite for them.

  4. Hope your son gets better soon. I think that archer shirt look lovely, I espiecially love the back ruffle. New patterns are so exciting.

  5. Oh No! Poor sick kiddo!
    I’m getting seriously overwhelmed by all the awesome indie patterns out there! I think Archer really threw me over the edge – basically I had been waiting for someone to make that pattern for ages but finally buckled and bought a big 4 shirt pattern – only to find that LITERALLY the day after I cut out my blouse Jen released this PERFECT pattern! Now how do I justify having two similar patterns in my stash? I don’t know yet, but I’ll justify it… oh! I’ll justify it…

  6. Poor sick kiddo. 😦 That’s no fun. (I’m currently also home with a sick kiddo, and have missed at least one day of work every week for the past two months. I swear, his day care is TEEMING with virus! Ugh!) But I love your new patterns and can’t wait to see them sewn up! You can never go wrong with cutom-fit stuff that you love!

  7. I’m so stoked about the Archer shirt pattern! Got my fabric for it yesterday– woohoo! Other than that, I’ve been pretty good lately and have only bought one pattern since the new year, I think (Megan Nielsen’s Briar top).

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