Pride & Prejudice & New Kicks

Pride & Prejudice & New Kicks

P&P Tee :: Brookish on Etsy
Jeans :: Old Navy
Belt :: Gap
Sneakers :: Mia via Marshalls ($30!!)

Pride & Prejudice & New Kicks

Wearing one of my fave tees!! And the first new sneakers I’ve had in a long time. I really like them!! Best part, I’m footwear twins with my big girl! I’m so pleased that she still likes to match with me ;o)

#mother #daughter #sneaker day. She still likes to match with me. How long will that last??

She wore the shirt she made with it, too. It was the same outfit I choose in my mind when I saw these! My GOD, she has grown up SO much since that picture!

I’m wearing a new lippy, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in “Smitten”, in the pics above. I took these after we’d come home from dinner at my MIL’s house, it’s usually a bit darker than it looks here. I brought it home in a nice small-ish haul from Target the other day. I was looking for a winter coat (my Fu*#$ng zipper is BROKEN) in February. You know, when they start putting out spring stuff. It was such a harrowing experience, I needed a pick me up, lol

#makeup #shopping at the #drugstore cause I'm fancy like that :0) @maybelline @askelf @revlon

Apparently, I need a class in gel liner application. I had very comical raccoon eyes after my first attempt with that little ass brush. I’ll have plenty of time to practice if the coming storm shuts the city down….I’d better go grocery shopping in the morning.

It’s still Sew Grateful Week, so I’d like to say, again, how awesome you all are! You’ve been leaving me such lovely comments on my posts! I love to read what you write and I love all of the quotes and book suggestions coming in! I’m going to put them in a post after the contest is over. Speaking of which…

Don’t forget, you have until



10 thoughts on “Pride & Prejudice & New Kicks

  1. OMG I need that t-shirt!! So much P&P love!
    You look gorgeous, love your casual outfit here, and your cool kicks! Stay warm and I hope you get a “fun” amount of snow!

  2. Been lurking your blog for a couple-few weeks now, and I have to say- you’ve got the best sense of style! Saw those sneakers at the Ross, and couldn’t figure out how to make ’em work… but you did, with a pair of hoops! Cute outfit!

  3. This has nothing to do with the posting, but I just wanted to say I found your blog through a natural hair blog you commented on. I thought your screen name was cute! But I love that you are so creative and seem to have a great spirit! I’ve added you to my google reader and I’m a beginner sewer. So hopefully I’ll learn along the way.

  4. Ok, that shirt is AMAZING. I am in love. Also, don’t you HATE how clothing stores run things, putting out stuff an entire season before you can actually wear it?! I just tried buying long sleeved tshirts for my son from Old Navy the other day…nope, just swimsuits and short sleeves available. LAME. Stay warm out there!

  5. Hmmm, I might need that t-shirt, too! P&P is my favorite. I really stink at gel liner application… my friend tried to give me a lesson but my hand is so wobbly!

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