A Lil’ Bit 60s

A Lil' Bit 60s

Sweater :: Handknit Coraline
Blouse :: Freecycled
Skirt :: Handmade Advance 9916
Tights :: F21
Boots :: Anne Klein

This is another of my cardigans from my former knitting life. That yoke nearly killed me! After battling with it, the end result was smaller than I wanted. It’s knit up in one of my favorite yarns, Silky Wool. The top was in a Freecycle haul. It’s from Express and it’s a size XS. I would never buy that size in the store, but I found the close (kind of shrunken) fit to be just the thing with certain outfits.

A Lil' Bit 60s

This is actually version two of Advance 9916. Version one, which is shorter and made from stretch denim, was finished before the new year and I still haven’t worn it. This longer version is also shorter than the full length of the pattern. I don’t know how tall this cover model is supposed to be, but it’s safe to say she is massively disproportionate if the skirt is this short on her, lol!

Advance 9916, 1960s

I got the pattern in the great Sew Weekly NY Meet-up and pattern swap. I’m almost positive it was Marina’s as most of the giveaway patterns were donated by her.

A Lil' Bit 60s

The only change I made to the pattern, besides the length, was to cut the waistband longer. I also lined it and finished that hem with pretty lace. I loved wearing this today! The lining prevented the dreaded static cling and it felt so slinky as I walked around. This fabric is the same one I used for my Meringue skirt. This was the last of it, some kind of poly/wool blend, I think. It’s perfect for skirts as I think it would be terribly hot worn on top. It doesn’t have much give either.

A Lil' Bit 60s

I tried to get some outdoor photos before work. I nearly froze my cheeks off! They’re not that red from just blush! I don’t know how some people take coat-less pics in the snow! Must be made of tougher stuff than me.

A Lil' Bit 60s

A Lil' Bit 60s

It was definitely hat weather, today. GEEZ was it cold! I re-twisted my hair last night so it could stay small enough to be hat wearing compatible ;0) It gets so frizzy, so fast but it was worth it as it was complimented by two very nice library patrons, lol. It has been over two years since I asked my sister to chop it (nearly) all off. This lady’s site was instrumental in helping me decide to embrace having hair that short for the first time. She has written a book about this massive shift in the way we (those of us who are naturally curly/kinky/coily/nappy) think about our hair. I think this is the most comfortable I’ve ever been with the way mine grows out of my head. I KNOW this is the most well equipped to handle it I’ve ever been.

Thanks, Nikki!

BetterThanGoodHair pb c


18 thoughts on “A Lil’ Bit 60s

  1. Your skirt looks great, especially paired with the bright cardigan.

    It’s amazing how freeing it can be when you love your hair. Growing up I was told to straighten my hair and tame the devil’s curl. When I moved away from that negative energy, man, I fell in love with my frizzy head, especially when I learned what products nourished it.

  2. I love the whole outfit – from your curls to your boots and everything in between!
    I continue to wage war with my hair, it’s fine, fair and frizzy/curly highly dependent on the weather. I swear I was born with a built-in barometer on my head.

  3. You’ve definitely got the librarian look! The stitch in the yoke – is that hard? I’ve avoided patterns with it because it seems hard and scary. I love textured hair, I think it is so beautiful. I like my own as well though, no worries!

  4. YOU KNIT THAT CARDIGAN?! i’m not insanely jealous. much.

    your skirt innards are gorgeous. now please protect your outtards, or do what kalkatroonaans do, and have an appropriate shot before attempting winter shots. ( it’s like a sweater for your insides.)

  5. Your outfit is awesome! I love the whole look, but that sweater is especially divine. That stitch pattern is marvelous, but I can imagine that it wasn’t quick. Great color too!

  6. Ooooohhhh you should make more of these skirts! It fits you so well and looks great on you. Personally I don’t get the outdoor shots in freezing temps…you won’t find me outside taking any of those cause it’s too dayum cold! *LOL*

  7. Ugh!! So jealous of your knitting! Haha! The whole look is so pulled together – killer skirt too!! Super lady-like. I love your natural curls! You’re such a beauty, Nettie!

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